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Featured Photographers

What Camera Gear do they Carry?

Zach Ancell

My name is Zach Ancell and I’m a commercial sports photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Growing up I would have never been considered…


Bruno Rosa

My Dad was a wedding photographer in the past, but unfortunately he died when I was very young so I never got a chance…


Ryan Brenizer

If random people think of me at all, they generally think “hey, doesn’t he have a Method or something?” But I look elsewhere when…


The Uppermost

We are Sigit and Tito, best friends who turned into a business. We started the brand THE UPPERMOST together in 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia,…


Darren Heath

It’s only ever been about Formula 1 I guess. From a very young age I watched races on television and attended events with my…


Jeremy Cowart

I’m an entertainment, music and celebrity photographer based in Los Angeles and Nashville. My background is as a painter, and back in 2001 I…

Recent Photographers

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Kitchener Photography

My name is Dylan Kitchener and I am a 30 year old wedding photographer living in Scotland and one half of Kitchener Photography (the…


Alice Coppola

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Italy and graduated from IED, European Design Institute, visual art course/photography, in Milan. I love simple…


Matt Shallenberger

I learned to photograph by assisting my father, who is a wildlife photographer. Consequently, I learned on 60s/70s Nikon SLRs. When I was 18…


Justin Mott

My business Mott Visuals shoots everything. These days I’m doing loads of luxury resorts all over South East Asia, so I decided to go…


Kevin Mullins

I’m a full time reportage wedding photographer based in Wiltshire, UK. I’ve been shooting weddings since around 2008 and I shoot predominantly black and…


Tyler Wirken

My wife says, “your gear is good to you but you are not good to your gear”. Sadly she is right. I have had…


Neville Black

Hey. I’m Neville, and not the kid from Harry Potter. I’m a wedding & portrait photographer on Vancouver Island in the Pacific North West….


Oli Sansom

Hiya. I’m Oli, and I live and work out of Melbourne Australia. I photograph weddings wherever I can, and try to spend the rest…

Morten Germund

Morten Germund

My name is Morten Germund. I work mainly in portrait, fashion and documentary photography. I’m Danish and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I work…


Nicole S Young

My name is Nicole S. Young, and I’m a photographer, author, and entrepreneur living in Portland, Oregon. I began my career in photography after…

From the Blog

Photographic musings

Mystic Seminars

As a photographer, I know I should be furthering my skills as much as possible. I owe it to myself to keep pushing the…


Interview with Albert Watson

It probably comes across in my voice during this phone interview, but I was pretty nervous to be interviewing Albert Watson. After all, Photo…

Best cameras under 500 dollars

The Best Cameras Under $500

The question I get asked most often by my non-photographer friends is, “What camera should I buy?” They don’t know an f-stop from an…

Sam Hurd Workspace

Photographers’ Workspaces

The sad truth about being a photographer is that for 90% of our time, we’re stuck at home in front of our computers! Whether…

Aerial Photography by Cameron Davidson

Interview with Cameron Davidson

There are certain types of photography work that very few people are ever likely to experience. Aerial photography is one of them. Even though…

Product Reviews

Recommended Camera Gear

Nikon D750

What you are about to read is a very down to earth, real life shooting, working man’s review of the new Nikon D750. I’ve…


The Roamographer

Finding a functional camera bag which looks stylish is not an easy task. It’s only in recent years that companies such as Holdfast have cropped…

JPEGmini Hero


It’s not often that that you try a piece of software that completely blows you away. With apps and software available for everything under the sun,…


Nikon D810

Lifestyle photographer from Munich Christian Brecheis was one of the first photographers in Germany to get his hands on the new Nikon D810. Rather…

Fuji X-T1

Fujifilm X-T1

I didn’t fall into the Fujifilm X camera system right away. It took time and several cameras to persuade me. First, the Fujifilm X100 caught…


Nikon Df

Odds are that by now you already know a little bit about the Nikon Df. Whether you shoot Nikon or Canon, I’m sure you’ve…