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Featured Photographers

What Camera Gear do they Carry?

Darren Heath

It’s only ever been about Formula 1 I guess. From a very young age I watched races on television and attended events with my…


Jeremy Cowart

I’m an entertainment, music and celebrity photographer based in Los Angeles and Nashville. My background is as a painter, and back in 2001 I…


Joe Morahan

One kit could never be enough for me. Truthfully, I have four different kits, each for a different shooting scenario: backcountry, studio, motion and…


GMB Akash

My passion for photography began in 1996 with my father’s old camera. An old camera Yasica FX3 was a vessel to reach to my…


Hiram Trillo

My name is Hiram Trillo and I am a wedding photographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. I have been shooting weddings since 2009…


Ryan Schude

The majority of the images you see here are personal, fine art projects in a similar style that I try and incorporate into my…

Recent Photographers

Check out their camera gear!

Mike Allebach

I photograph colorful people. Over the years photographing these amazing people it’s given me the nickname of the tattooed bride photographer. When I was…


Salvatore Di Gregorio

The pictures you see here are a selection of my personal and commercial work. As I move from reportage to fashion my bag can…


Todd McGaw

Hey everyone.. I’m Todd, of Todd Hunter Mcgaw photographers. I photograph weddings all over the place with my wife Alyda, and for now, we’re…


Damien Lovegrove

I shoot people for pleasure and profit. I’ve been a professional photographer in one guise or another since 1984 when I started submitting images…


Eric Cheng

I run a site called Wetpixel, the world’s premiere web community for underwater imaging, and Skypixel, where I write about aerial imaging. I’m also Director of Aerial…


Sophie Gamand

I am a fine-art photographer focusing on dogs and our relationship with them. I have been photographing dogs since 2010, and 2014 is the…


Carla Coffing

In my opinion, your gear should feel like you. Maybe you are unassuming, but precise. Or like to be a little flashy. Or always…


Pedro Etura

I’m Pedro, a documentary photographer. Some years ago, I embarked on a road of no return: photography. I started working as a photojournalist in…

Stitched Panorama

Ivan Pedretti

My first camera was a Canon 500D with the classic Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS and the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.5-5.6 IS I purchased…


Fabio Camandona

I became a photographer in 2007 during a vacation, twenty years after the thought “I’d like to be a photographer” first entered my head….

From the Blog

Photographic musings
Aerial Photography by Cameron Davidson

Interview with Cameron Davidson

There are certain types of photography work that very few people are ever likely to experience. Aerial photography is one of them. Even though…


Photokina 2014 Gear Roundup

For those who don’t know, Photokina is the world’s leading imaging fair, held every two years in Germany. All the big photographic manufacturers and…

Shotkit Mastermind Dog

Shotkit Mastermind

How much do you actually know about photography?! Take part in the Shotkit Photography Mastermind to find out! It’s just a bit of fun… but…


Interview with Ross Harvey

There are many photographers out there who are quite insular, preferring to keep their techniques to themselves and hide how they have become successful. Then…

2014 Tour de France - Stage 19

2014 Tour de France in Photos

Jim and Iri are photographers from Brake Through Media who followed the 2014 Tour de France  as it snaked its 3,663 km route from Leeds to Paris in July….


10 Fiverr Gigs for Photographers

I have to admit, when I first heard about Fiverr last year, I quickly dismissed it as yet another start up that wouldn’t see…

Product Reviews

Recommended Camera Gear

The Roamographer

Finding a functional camera bag which looks stylish is not an easy task. It’s only in recent years that companies such as Holdfast have cropped…

JPEGmini Hero


It’s not often that that you try a piece of software that completely blows you away. With apps and software available for everything under the sun,…


Nikon D810

Lifestyle photographer from Munich Christian Brecheis was one of the first photographers in Germany to get his hands on the new Nikon D810. Rather…

Fuji X-T1

Fujifilm X-T1

I didn’t fall into the Fujifilm X camera system right away. It took time and several cameras to persuade me. First, the Fujifilm X100 caught…


Nikon Df

Odds are that by now you already know a little bit about the Nikon Df. Whether you shoot Nikon or Canon, I’m sure you’ve…

ONA Astoria

ONA Astoria

Up until a month ago, a camera bag has always been just a tool to me. I have airport bags, backpacks, and a few…