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What do you carry in your camera bag?

Clayton Bozard

I bought my first camera in January 2000, it was a Kodak DC240 1.2MP Digital Camera. My intent was to have this camera passed…


Frederic Frognier

When I was 10 years old I went to a Ferrari meeting in Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium). My father gave me his Canon AE-1 dSLR with…


Sittig Fahr Becker

Hi, my name is Sittig Fahr-Becker. I’m a photographer based in Berlin. First I was a bit on and off with photography as I…


Art Meripol

For almost 25 years I was senior photographer at Southern Living Magazine. I traveled somewhere every week photographing the best of the south for…


Kristian Thacker

I grew up in rural West Virginia, and wanted to be a photographer from a young age. My first cameras were a Kodak Instamatic…


Heiko Schmidt

Hi, my name is Heiko and I am part of a husband and wife photographer-team from Germany. We call ourselves ‘Mann & Frau Schmidt’…


Tom Hoops

A little bit about me, I am a portrait and fashion photographer. I began shooting professionally 6/7 years ago. I started with a simple…


Rahul Khona

I love to document and create stories that are unique to my couples. My unobtrusive photo-journalistic approach to weddings enables me to capture those…


Bence Szemerey

I am a festival photographer based in Europe. I really love festivals, they are another world. There the people forget their everyday problems and…


Mike Mellia

I like to keep it simple. I have a Mamiya RZ67 pro ii. I can seamlessly switch from shooting film to digital on set…


Mandi Brown

My name is Mandi and I am based in Southern California, I have been doing photography for about 5-6 years in total. Finally in…


Cameron Davidson

My gear is always changing depending upon the project or assignment. For my recent daylight aerial work this is my go-to kit. In the…


Penny De Los Santos

My photography centers around food and still life images. I am a firm believer that a photograph should tell a story and the best…


Steffen Allen

My name is Steffen Knudsen Allen, I grew up in Canada and after a brief stop in Denmark am now living just outside New…

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Photographic musings

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Browsing through the stunning photography of weddings in incredible locations around the world on Nordica, it is very hard not to be jealous of…


Interview with Nate Hassler

These days automobile photography is everywhere we look, in magazines, on tv, on billboards… we’re inundated with ads for the latest cars. It’s easy…


Wedding Photography Camera Gear

After receiving so many submissions via Shotkit from around the world for the wedding photography genre, (the majority of which haven’t even made it…


Interview with Dixie Dixon

According to the Nikon homepage, the Nikon Ambassadors are “some of the most talented and influential visual artists working in the business today. These…

Nikon D4

Photographer Insurance

Insurance may not be the most interesting topic of conversation when discussing photography, but unfortunately it’s one of those necessary things we have to…

Product Reviews

Recommended Camera Gear

Nikon Df

Odds are that by now you already know a little bit about the Nikon Df. Whether you shoot Nikon or Canon, I’m sure you’ve…

ONA Astoria

ONA Astoria

Up until a month ago, a camera bag has always been just a tool to me. I have airport bags, backpacks, and a few…

Shotkit_Nikon_D610_Review-8 copy

Nikon D610

Rather than diving straight into a review of the Nikon D610, I felt that you deserved a bit of background on what I went…

Nikon 38mm f/1.4G Lens Review

Nikon 58mm f/1.4G

I have been shooting with the new Nikon 58mm F/1.4G for about 3 months now, and my thoughts have changed drastically over that time…


The Money Maker

When it comes to wedding photographers, carrying two camera bodies at the same time has become the norm. Due to the fast pace of…