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Featured Photographers

What Camera Gear do they Carry?

Lara Jade

Hi everyone! My name is Lara Jade. I’m a fashion photographer from England; currently based in New York City. Although I made the move…


Theilen Photography

We are Matt + Tara Theilen, two people who have fallen in love with each other and with photographing weddings. We are based out…


Cole Kor

Hi, I’m Cole Kor from 2 of Us Photography, a wedding photography business based in Singapore. I usually do pre-wedding photography, both local and…


Stark Photography

Thanks for asking us to be on ShotKit! We love this site and it’s an honor to be a part of it. We’re Daniel…


Dan O’Day

Oh hey guys, it’s me, Dan. I’m a wedding photographer based out of Australia. I’m just stopping by to have a little chat about…


Daniel Diaz

Hola I am Daniel Diaz a Graphic Designer turned wedding photographer. I started photography with toy cameras such as Holga, Seagull TLR and so…

Recent Photographers

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Ming Thein

Defining what I do is perhaps the hardest thing – commercial/ fine art would probably come closest, though as with all photographers these days…


David Maialetti

Since 1997, I’ve been a staffer for a ruckus tabloid called the Philadelphia Daily News. The Rocky of newspapers would be a good way…


Markus Andersen

My name is Markus Andersen, I am a Sydney based professional freelance photographer concentrating on bodies of work for exhibition and books. I am…


Finch & Oak

I’m a photographer based in Australia, originally from New Zealand. I’ve shot commercial and fashion, but now I’m really focusing all my efforts on…

looking through change 001

Jenny Riffle

My current series , Scavenger, has evolved and grown through my own personal history with photography. I have always been interested in portraiture and…

Shotkit_YogueAlencar_ (4)

Yogue Alencar

My name is Yogue Alencar and I am a freelance photographer and a photography teacher. I’ve been working on projects as a cinematographer and…


Valentina Verdesca

I started with photography 5 years ago… I don’t remember exactly why…maybe because my mom worked as a photographer when she was young. Maybe…


Joel Grimes

My name is Joel Grimes, and have been working full time as a commercial advertising photographer for over thirty years. At the very core,…


Rares Ion

I am a wedding photographer located in the heart of Transylvania, in Romania, and we photograph weddings in several countries in Europe. Some say that I…


Eric Doggett

Hello! My name is Eric. I’m a photographer based in Austin, Texas. I’ve had a ton of fun over the last 10 years shooting…

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Photographic musings

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Here’s a super simple way I came across to potentially increase the number of your Facebook Fans overnight… or at least, in just a few clicks!…


Best Camera Bags

If there’s one thing for sure when building up your gear, it’s that you’ll never settle on the first camera bag you buy. I’ve…


How to make a photography blog

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, it’s important that you have your own website. Community sites like 500px, Flickr and Instagram are…


Interview with Citlalli Rico

Hi! Im Citlalli Rico, a human being in love with visual arts, plants and chilaquiles verdes. How did you get in to wedding photography?…

Workplace productivity

Increase Your Productivity in 2015

Taking great photos is often a small part of running a successful photography business. General admin duties, client correspondence, taxes, blogging, site maintenance, etc…


Mystic Seminars 2015

I’m writing this sitting in an airport lounge on my way home from Mystic Seminars, and one of the best weeks of my life…

Product Reviews

Recommended Camera Gear

Sony A7II Review

In October of 2013, Sony announced the Sony Alpha 7 and Sony Alpha 7R, a date that may be remembered later on as the…


Nikon D750 Review

What you are about to read is a very down to earth, real life shooting, working man’s review of the new Nikon D750. I’ve…


The Roamographer Review

Finding a functional camera bag which looks stylish is not an easy task. It’s only in recent years that companies such as Holdfast have cropped…

JPEGmini Hero

JPEGmini Review

It’s not often that that you try a piece of software that completely blows you away. With apps and software available for everything under the sun,…


Nikon D810 Review

Lifestyle photographer from Munich Christian Brecheis was one of the first photographers in Germany to get his hands on the new Nikon D810. Rather…

Fuji X-T1

Fuji X-T1 Review

I didn’t fall into the Fujifilm X camera system right away. It took time and several cameras to persuade me. First, the Fujifilm X100 caught…