Fuji Cameras in 2016

Fuji Cameras in 2016

If there’s one camera company that’s been a hot topic lately, it’s Fujifilm. Thanks in part to the recent release of their latest flagship camera model the X-Pro 2, Fujifilm is enjoying an ever-growing following of passionate fans. It seems everyone is interested in Fuji cameras in 2016.

It was this in mind that I contacted Fujifilm Australia for an exclusive interview to try and learn a bit more about the brand’s most recent releases, and pry a little into what we can expect from Fuji cameras in the future – you’ll have to watch the video to see if I was successful or not!

Unfortunately, the video was cut a little short during the X-Pro2 segment. However, enough time has passed since the release of this camera for new adopters to voice their own opinions – check out the latest Amazon reviews here and read the Shotkit review of the Fuji X-Pro2.

Thanks again to Fujifilm’s knowledgable national digital sales and training speciailist Warrewyk Williams for his time. I’ve included another of Warrewyk’s videos below as he discusses one of the other popular Fuji cameras – the X-T1. [Update: check out this review of the Fuji X-T2.]

I hope you enjoy the videos. Be sure to leave any questions or comments below as I’m sure Warrewyk will be more than happy to respond.

Fuji Cameras in 2016

Fuji Cameras mentioned in the videos

In the video interview, Warrewyk discussed a broad range of Fuji cameras, including recent X series releases such as the Fuji X70 and Fuji X-Pro2.

With so many Fuji cameras in the range to choose from, the selection process can be a little confusing. Watch the video above to listen to Warrewyk’s method of choosing which Fuji camera is right for you.

Incidentally, I own a Fuji X100S, but if I were to upgrade, I’d go for the Fuji X-T10 which for me represents the perfect balance of image quality, size and price. Let me know if you agree in the comments!

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Inside Warrewyk’s camera bag!:


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