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One day around 4 years ago, I thought it’d be a good idea to start a site which shows what gear photographers carry in their camera bags.

Fast forward to today, and Shotkit is the number one resource for curious creatives around the world to come and have a snoop at the equipment used by professional and talented amateur photographers.

What was once a subject many were afraid to broach, the question of “what gear do you use?” has been answered for the benefit of all curious minds – both beginners and professionals alike.

Of course, owning good gear doesn’t necessarily mean you can take a good photo – we all know that, but it’s still fun to see what our peers are using to get the job done and to create better art.

I’m so grateful for the effort that’s gone into creating each Shotkit submission. Seeing elements of the photographer’s personality in the  photos is especially rewarding.

Below you’ll find a small selection of my favourite Shotkit submissions from the first 4 years. I’ve done my best to categorise them for your amusement!

Remember to click through to each photographer’s work, and leave a comment to let us know your favourite Shotkit.

#1 | The Precision Shotkit

The flat-lays to end all flat-lays. It’s OCD to the next level with this selection of fine Shotkit specimens…

Marc Weisberg
Sittig Fahr Becker
Zac and Zac

#2 | Tools of the Trade

It’s always interesting to see what (non-photography related) gear photographers need to carry to carry out their jobs.

Photojournalists like the one below are particularly fascinating, and provide a much-needed reminder about how grateful we should be for our comfortable daily existence as ‘regular’ photographers.

Alex Kuhni
Deanna Mushins
Fabien Voileau
Jacob James
Osie Greenway
Phil Moore
Kelly Brown
Andrew Hall
GMB Akash
Joann Pai
Sophie Garland
Sue Bryce
Darren Heath
Nomad Photographers
Jay Goodrich
Julien Payette Tessier
Olivier Morin

#3 | Selfie Shotkits

We’re well and truly in the selfie-era, so why not combine a picture of your gear with a cheeky selfie?!

Thomas Ingersoll
Jeremy Cowart
Chris Ross Leong
Michelle Scott
Markus Hofstaetter
Jeff Newsom
Dirk Dallas

#4 | The Body Part Shotkit

In a similar vein to the Selfie Shotkit – here’s when perhaps you wanted to take a full selfie, but were having a bad hair day…

Beatrice Moricci
Bill Hatcher
Citlalli Rico
Fernando Decillis
Gabe McClintock
Mark Lobo
Mike Kepka
Javier Abad
Kyle Wilson
Tom Armstrong
Julia Fullerton Batten

#5 | The Personality Shotkit

The, “Sure, I take photos of people for a living, but here’s who I am in my spare time” Shotkit.

Alice Coppola
Lisa Rhinehart
Erin Fraser
Scott Kelby
Joann Pai
Pablo Laguia
Meghan Sadler
Neville Black
Naman Verma
Mike Colon
Justin Mott
Luke Fontana
Chad Winstead
Jesus Ochoa
Jennifer Rozenbaum
The Steed
D2 Photography
Stefan Soell
Felicia Simion
Daniel Lopez Perez
Colin Coleman
Bows & Lavender
Ashlee Hamon
Paul Bamford

#6 | The Anti-Flat Lay Shotkit

Maybe you wanted to zag when everyone else was zigging. Or maybe you just couldn’t be bothered to lay your camera gear out neatly on the floor!

Whatever the reason, here’s a selection of images that took the notion of a flat lay and threw it out the window.

Aaron Goodis
Imagine Photography
Joshua D’hondt
Marko Marinkovic
Mathias Fast
Sara Rogers
Matt Streatfeild
Sebastien Bicard
Alessandro Della Savia
Derek Yarra
Kent Johnson
Paulo Santos
Trent Gillespie
Two Mann Studios

#7 | The Animals & Children Shotkit

Never work with animals or children, right? Well you guys have proven the opposite with these Shotkits which include a beloved pet or offspring!

The Gehrmanns
Fabio Camandona
Charlotte Reeves
Buffy Goodman
Motiejus Salkauskas
Chellise Michael
Jeff Tisman
Janice Sullivan
Dave Lehl
Daniel Diaz
Brittany Staddon
Anand Rathi
Adrienne Longo
Clint Davis

#8 | The Overflowing Shotkit

Everything but the kitchen sink… my mind boggles how you manage to carry around so much gear on a daily basis!

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Cheese n Click
Chris Buck
Dylan Patrick
Andrew Hancock
Lisa Saad
Jay Cassario
Jeremy Park
The Uppermost
Matthew Sowa
Mike Kelley
Nick Didlick
Emin Kuliyev
Kym Illman
Tom McKenna

#9 | The Minimalist Shotkit

Keepin’ it simple. This is more my style – having more than just a couple of lenses to choose from confuses me!

I’m a strong believer of ‘creativity from restriction’, whereby limiting your camera gear encourages creativity.

Gareth Byrne
Destin Sparks
Ian Weldon
Chuck Lang
Desiree Shuey
Trey Ratcliff

#10 | The Symbol Shotkit

Trying to bring some life into inanimate objects! Let’s have some more of these please ;-)

Kevin Mullins
Renata Xavier
Romeo Bravo
Theilen Photography
Mike Allebach

#11 | The Encores

I couldn’t find a category to label these Shotkit submissions, but still think they’re all awesome!

Lafugue Logos
All the Love in the World
Car & Mel
Diana Ascarrunz
Dustin Baker
Jamie Rubeis
Jesse LaPlante
Keith Acedera
Oli Sansom
Michael S Lewis
Aga & Marcin
Andrea Bagnasco
Dan O’Day
Franck Boutonnet
Jon Duenas
Peter Jurica
Sarka Babicka
York Place Studios
Yeli Tanto
Spencer Pablo

Best of Shotkit | Over to You!

So there we have it – a small selection of some of my favourite Shotkit submissions from the first 4 years of this site. A huge thank you again to all those involved!

For those of you who’d like to be featured on Shotkit, I hope that by seeing the variety in the photos encourages you to submit, whether you use 1 camera or 5…

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