As a member of the Shotkit Community, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts and free trials on photography related tools and services.

After reviewing many, many different products and tools, these are the ones I use on a regular basis.

None of the companies have paid me to use or promote their products. If you decide to purchase any of them, I get a small commission (and you get a saving), but my recommendations are 100% unbiased.

These are simply the best products for me, and I believe, for you too :-)

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  • Shoot Dot Edit | Outsource your photo editing

These guys save me HOURS of work. High quality, affordable photo editing for wedding and portrait photographers.

Click here and use code: shotkit17 for 90% off your first month!


  • ShootProof | Online photo galleries

This is what I use to deliver, display and back up my wedding photography images.

Click here to get a free trial (use discount code SHOTKIT16 if you choose to join)


  • Dripbook | Online portfolio

Dripbook is a website offering online portfolio tools to creative professionals around the world.

If you are a professional photographer, illustrator, designer, stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist or other professional commercial artist, you can create an online portfolio on the Dripbook website for clients worldwide to view.

In addition, you can export that portfolio for display elsewhere - on a stand-alone website using your own domain name, on social media channels, and on the free iPad + iPhone and Android Apps.

Click here to get 1 whole year FREE on Dripbook! (Use code: shotkit492)


  • Clean My Mac | Hard drive space saver

This app has saved me SO much money in new laptops. Honestly, just buy it - it's essential for Macs.

Click here to get a free trial


  • Clean My Drive | External drive cleaner

I use this once a month to make sure my external drives and USB thumb drives are healthy.

Click here to get a free trial


  • Luminar 2018 | Photo Editing Software

A great, cost-effective alternative to Lightroom (especially now Lightroom charges a subscription!)

Click here to get a $10 discount (use coupon code SHOTKIT)


  • Aurora HDR 2018 | HDR Photo Editing Software

The best way bar none to create realistic HDR photos.

Click here to get a $10 discount (use coupon code SHOTKIT)


  • Contrastly Lightroom Plugin Bundle | Save time editing your photos

These one-click plugins save me tons of time when editing the photos used in my Shotkit reviews.

Click here to get a 93% discount (may be expired when you read this.)


  • Understanding Post Processing | Lightroom Video course

This is what I used to improve my Lightroom editing skills

Click here to get a 41% discount


  • Smart Albums 2 | Album building software

I use this to build albums for my wedding clients in under 15 minutes. Fun and simple to use.

Click here to download a free trial


  • Facebook Ads Course | How to book more wedding & portrait work

This is the course I used in 2017 to make over $12,000 in bookings.

Click here to get a $20 discount (usual price $197)


  • PhotoBiz Xposed | Photography podcast

One of the few podcasts I listen to religiously. So much useful, actionable info for photographers.

Click here to get 1 month for $1


  • Flothemes | Photographer website themes

This what I use for my own photography website. Best looking themes imo!

Click here to get a 25% saving on any of their themes (use coupon code shotkit25)


  • Siteground | Website hosting for Flothemes

If you use Flothemes, this is the recommended website hosting for fastest performance.

Click here to get a 50% discount on all plans


  • Bluehost | Affordable website hosting

I used Bluehost for my websites before I switched to Flothemes. The service is reliable and affordable.

Click here for a discount (the discount changes all the time, so I'm not sure what it is now)


  • Envato Theme Help | WordPress helpers

This is what I use if I need help with a website. It's affordable and usually very fast.

Click here to learn more


  • Studio Ninja | Client Management Software

This is the client management software I settled on after trying a few. Simple and works well.

Click here to get 50% off for 12 months + a 1-on-1 demo with the foudner + free migration!


  • Long Exposure Guide

The best guide I've found on nailing great long exposure shots.

Click here to get a $21 discount


  • B&H Photo Free Next Day Delivery

These guys always seem to have the best prices on photography gear.

Click here to get free next day delivery