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Want to up your action shots by getting a new GoPro? From the advanced features of the latest models to saving money with an older GoPro, you'll find all the tips right here.

Recent GoPro Guides

GoPro cameras have revolutionized the world of action and adventure photography, offering a compact and rugged solution for capturing stunning footage in extreme conditions.

Here on Shotkit, we're publishing a selection of articles that cover various aspects of GoPro cameras, providing valuable insights and tips for users.

Some articles focus on the technical specifications and features of different GoPro models, detailing their capabilities and advancements over time.

They discuss topics such as image quality, video resolutions, frame rates, stabilization technologies, and battery life.

These articles help potential buyers make informed decisions when selecting the right GoPro for their needs.

Other articles delve into the practical side of using GoPro cameras.

They explore tips and techniques for capturing amazing shots in different environments, such as underwater photography, skiing or snowboarding, surfing, hiking, or even skydiving.

These articles provide guidance on mounting options, recommended accessories, and shooting settings to maximize the potential of GoPro cameras in specific scenarios.