The Launch

It’s been 3 months since I started reaching out to photographers around the world, asking them for an exclusive peek into their camera bags. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and enough to motivate me to keep pushing ahead with my mammoth task of putting the site together page by page.

But why a site devoted to camera gear? Surely everyone knows that it’s the brains that are behind a great photo, not the tools! Of course that’s true, and the ever-emerging breed of iPhone photographer lay testament to the fact that a great photo doesn’t require a great camera.

However, I don’t know about you but I still love looking at what gear other photographers use! Whether it’s that reaffirming contentment that comes with knowing your favourite photographer has the same gear as you (so maybe one day, I can be that good too?!), or merely gear envy and gear lust that feeds the curiosity (maybe if I had that lens, I could take a photo like that?!)

Whatever the reason, it seems like I’m not the only one. I thank each and every one around the world who replied to my initial invitation to Shotkit with such enthusiasm. Let’s face it, not only do we like looking at other photographers’ gear, we also like showing off our own, right?!

Then of course there’s a chance to showcase a few of your best photos, and might I say some of the work on Shotkit is absolutely incredible. I’m so grateful that your work is making Shotkit such a beautiful site to browse! Rest assured, your work will be under the eye balls of photographers and enthusiasts from around the world.

And that’s my final hope for this site. I hope that Shotkit spurs the curiosity and stokes the fires of a new generation of photographer, who realise that great work can be achieved using simple tools.

Today marks the launch of It’s time to press that Publish button, so here’s one small click for me, but one giant leap for user created photography content!

Thanks for your help and I hope you enjoy the site.

Mark Condon

PS. If you’ve sent in a submission and haven’t been featured at launch, don’t worry – you’ll appear in the coming weeks.

PPS. If you know a great photographer who’d like to be featured, please spread the word!

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  1. Glen on August 31, 2014 at 12:48 am

    I so badly want you to feature Marianna Jamadi and her work. She is outstanding and such an inspiration. That’s her website.

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