Leica Possibly Unveiling a New Film Camera in October

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new Leica camera release

Leica’s cameras are among the most renowned in the world of photography and have been for decades. This fame comes from producing some of the world’s best equipment for all kinds of shooting, and their reputation has only been helped by long-standing popularity with many, many famous street photographers.

What’s more, Leica remains the only major brand that still produces high-quality new 35mm film cameras such as its MP and M-A editions, which are greatly appreciated within their niche market. Both of these were released in the 2000s, with the MP emerging in 2003 and the M-A coming out in 2014.

The latter release happened at a time when most camera makers were well past film device production. Impressively, Leica still services these models and will even

repair decades-old Leica models from the mid-20th century for its loyal customer base.

With all this in mind, speculation about a new camera from the iconic brand is always welcomed by fans. The website Leica Rumors has delivered a little bit of this recently by reporting that information it received indicates a new Leica camera on the way for October. Slim evidence but it involves a Leica press event, so it might end up meaning a lot for follow-up news on Leica products.

It’s also worth noting that the speculation around the October Leica release is for a film camera, not a digital model. This makes these rumors all the more interesting because they tap into a resurgence of film photography that’s taking hold among a certain subset of photographers worldwide.

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Leica’s MP film camera

Leica is a company that truly held onto film camera production even while much of the world mistakenly thought this photographic medium would die with consumers after the development of digital. This brand is eminently capable of playing into this growing return to film with an exceptional new camera.

What Leica Rumors specifically argues is that the upcoming camera will be a new M model for film shooting and that it’s set to sort of replace what the current MP and M-A models offer. The site also claims that the camera has already been released to select photographers for field testing.

Previously in the last 20 years, Leica had also released its M7 edition film camera, which emerged in 2002 and was only discontinued in 2018. This was however the most advanced 35mm camera from the brand and had specs that even the MP and M-A lack.

The upcoming camera may very well combine features from the MP, M-A and M7, but it might also include specs from other major Leica camera models such as the incredibly powerful M11. This particular model is digital and packs a whopping 60 megapixels of full-frame resolution into a very compact body.

What the upcoming camera includes from these previous models or other Leica cameras will presumably be explained if it’s announced. The Leica press conference is slated for October in Germany and it’s also very likely that other Leica products will be announced at the same event.

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