Following on from my recent Luminar 4 review, I thought it would be interesting to record a video to test the power of the much-heralded AI-powered editing tools.

Skylum had supplied me with sample images with which to use to write the review, but I wanted to do things a little different.

It struck me as a little unfair to be testing Skylum software with images Skylum had provided. It also seemed a little unrealistic to use my own images, since that wouldn’t illustrate the average user’s experiences either.

In the end, I decided to perform a ‘live video test’, in which I downloaded random JPEG images from the website Unsplash, and used these to perform the Luminar 4 test edits.

Click on the video above to see the results. If you’d like to try replacing the sky and retouching faces with one-click in your own images, get Luminar 4 here ;-)

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