Luminar Coupon Code

luminar discount code for Shotkit

​Great news! Skylum has ​given Shotkit readers an exclusive Luminar coupon code, to save some money on their popular image editing software.

​Luminar 3 ​is ​an alternative to Lightroom which offers incredible features at a surprisingly affordable price – the best part is that there are no monthly subscription fees, and with regular updates, you’re always guaranteed the most up to date performance.

​With this exclusive Luminar discount, you’ll be able to save another $10 on what is already one of the most competitively priced image editing softwares available in 2019.

(Check out the full review of Luminar 3 to find out why so many photographers are making the switch.)

​How to Claim your Luminar Discount

​Step 1

Click here to be taken to the Luminar 3 Checkout​

Step 2

Click the blue ‘Enter Promotional Code’ text

Luminar coupon code instructions for claiming discount

Step 3

Enter coupon code SHOTKIT and ​click ‘Apply’ ​to save $10

how to save $10 with this

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