Meet Ebitcam, the Wireless Security Camera for Truly Remote Places

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Ebitcam wireless UHD surveillance camera

Wireless, cloud-connected security cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years for real-time protection of isolated installations, houses and other locations.

They’re practical and helpful while offering a strong surveillance/deterrence effect. But what if your isolated property truly is isolated enough that you don’t even have internet connectivity or reliable power?

This is where Ebitcam comes into the picture with a usefully effective solution. The new wireless 2K camera offers 24-hour monitoring of your property even if it’s too far off the beaten track for reliable internet or even electricity.

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The Ebitcam achieves this by instead relying on a combination of solar charging and 4GLTE cellular connectivity to let you watch and always know if something unusual is happening where you want to know about it.

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The Ebitcam is in many ways a wireless camera much like the Google Nest and others but without any of the urban-dependent weaknesses that Wi-Fi-connected, grid-charged devices like these need to function.

Owners of places such as remote cabins, farmsteads, ranches or isolated vacation homes can use this new device for property security without these otherwise crucial modern utilities.

What’s more, the manufacturer has made this device rugged enough to endure the kind of weather that many remote natural settings frequently receive. The Ebitcam has an IP65 Rating for water resistance from the International

Electrotechnical Commission.

This means it’s hardened against strong winds, hail, snowfall or heavy rainfall without easily losing functionality.

In terms of its visual and recording specs, the Ebitcam operates by capturing video in crisp 2k resolution at 2560×1440 pixels -roughly twice as good as Full HD. The security camera also lets users capture and store still photos from video in this same resolution, which amounts to roughly 4MP photographically.

Along with these recording features, Ebitcam features a 355-degree pan capacity, 100 degrees of vertical tilt and 4X digital zoom, all of which can be remotely activated. These specs let a single unit cover an exceptionally broad surveillance area if strategically placed.


One other cool bonus in the Ebitcam is night vision recording. It delivers black and white video in which detail and motion can clearly be discerned even under deeply dark recording conditions. The camera does however also have a spotlight that immediately resumes full color, normal recording when activated.

One additional security technology that the Ebitcam includes is PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection for high sensitivity to movement within its sensor range.

This can easily pick up human intruders, but it might also sometimes capture potentially destructive animal intruders and moving branches. The camera also includes a siren for warding off human or animal intruders as they’re detected.

All video captured and stored with the Ebitcam is encoded using the HEVC H.265 compression standard. This is the same that’s also applied to digital 4K videos on streaming and entertainment media platforms. H.265 is twice as efficient as the older Full HD-integrated H.264 HD standard at compressing footage for storage or transmission.

The quality specs in this wireless security camera don’t end with its shooting capabilities. Ebitcam’s underlying functionality is ruggedly competent too. Because this camera is made for truly remote surveillance needs, its disconnection from internet and electrical networks hinges on alternative technologies.

Thus, for video transmission, the Ebitcam depends on 4G network connectivity through its own internal SIM card, much like a cell phone.

The accompanying SIM card comes with a 7-day free data bonus. Otherwise, the EIOTCLUB card is prepaid and comes with no activation fees, contract signing or other carrier-based obligations. It can work with 4K networks such as Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T.

An internal 32GB storage card also lets you store hours of captured video in case of a possible network failure.

Ebitcam obtains its electrical power through a 5W solar panel array that attaches to the recording device.

A large capacity 10,400mAh rechargeable battery further backs up Ebitcam’s power needs when solar electricity is unavailable for any reason even during long stretches of time: The battery can operate the camera continuously for up to 50 days if the motion sensor is triggered 100 times per day and for up to 3 months if motion is triggered only 60 or fewer times per day.

The solar panel is quite efficient too, delivering a full day’s surveillance power on just 3 hours of solar charge time.

Finally, Ebitcam includes a two-way voice communication speaker setup for speaking to and hearing people close to the camera, and compatibility with the Ubox app for calibrating power-saving settings.

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