The 5DayDeal Photo Bundle is the Best Offer of the Year for Photographers


The biggest photography learning and education offer of the year has just been launched, thanks to 5DayDeal

Each year, 5DayDeal unveils a huge and richly detailed photography bundle that includes helpful material through dozens of superbly-crafted photo resources and course materials, all offered at fantastic discounts.

If you want to hone your craft and discover new tools for making your professional photography career shine even further, this is the best deal you’re likely to find at any time of the year. It’s available for only a limited time.

This 5DayDeal offer includes many extremely valuable, highly discounted courses and modules that cover all aspects of professional photography techniques.

To give you just an idea of what you’ll receive, here are some of the key elements from among the multiple bundles rolled into this one incredible offering:

The Main 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is available here and includes these courses and so much more:

  • Perfecting the Head shot
  • Shooting Golden Hour Scenes
  • Mastering Landscape Photography
  • Looking Glass
  • Presets Complete Collection
  • Flash! Back, Volume II
  • Dramatic Black &
  • White Landscapes
  • Photoshop for
  • Beginners
  • Easy Portrait
  • Retouching Techniques
  • Cleaning Up Your
  • Mess in Lightroom Classic & Image Cleanup in Photoshop
  • Learning to See: A
  • Photographer’s Guide
  • Erik Kuna’s Sky
  • Replacements
  • Landscape
  • Photography Course for Beginners

Optional Pro Bundle course items include:

  • Milky Way Made Easy
  • Frequency Separation Retouching
  • BorisFX Optics
  • Compositing for Portraits in Photoshop
  • The 5-day Real Estate Photographer
  • Lightroom Masks: Unlock the Potential
  • A Simple Guide to Woodland Photography
  • Artistry 7
  • Advanced Portrait Editing Techniques

Additional Charity Bundle courses 

  • Creative Photography Concepts
  • Web Sharp Pro Panel
  • The Thriving Artist Method
  • Exposure Blending Master Course

Still more Bonus Bundle courses

  • Lightroom Fix plus Lightroom Presets
  • The Ultimate Hyperlapse Course & Timelapse Cheat Sheet
  • Joshua Tree Start to Finish
  • 6 Issues of Photoshop User Magazine

For 2022, 5DayDeal has carefully curated an amazing bundle of high-quality tools and resources from industry leaders to offer the best of the best to interested photographers. Again, the above are just a few of the courses and resources being made available at a deep discount from their regular price.

They then discount the prices by thousands of dollars to let you access these resources more affordably than at any other time of the year.

The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is not only available worldwide to all photographers who want to systematically improve their craft, but it’s also working with numerous charitable organizations. 5DayDeal raises as much money as possible for their programs by giving 10% of each sale to charity partners.

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