Aftershoot Launches Unlimited Founder’s Round 2 – The Ultimate CULL & EDITS Plan for Photographers

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Aftershoot, the company behind AI-powered photo culling and editing solutions, has launched a new, extensive subscription plan option.

The Aftershoot UNLIMITED Founder’s Round 2 package is the brand’s newest, highest tier in the upcoming Aftershoot Pricing Plan and offers photographers and photo editing professionals a robustly powerful set of features.

Flat Fee Forever

These new components of the UNLIMITED Founder’s Round 2 tier include options for unlimited editing and culling of photos through uniquely powerful AI technology. Through this tier, they’re available for an annual price of just $499.

This new price level stays frozen for life and includes access to the full strength of CULL and EDITS. These are Aftershoot’s two most comprehensively useful tools for culling photos rapidly and then editing selections.

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Save Hundreds of Hours

With CULL and EDITS, photographers can make their post-shoot workflow tremendously easier. The software bundle enables this by cutting hundreds of hours from the time it takes to cull unwanted photos and editing the remaining selections automatically.

Aftershoot’s AI technology is integrated with both of these combined software platforms to learn a user’s preferred style and adapt its own automated editing to specific preference profiles, called AI profiles.

With EDITS, for example, a user can set up multiple distinct AI Profiles that each have their own AI-powered automated photo editing criteria.

The AI behind these profiles is capable of adjusting up to 1,000 photos in less than a minute. CULL, on the other hand, can remove hundreds or even thousands of photos in no time through its own algorithmic process.

The new UNLIMITED Founder’s Round 2 pricing tier from Aftershoot offers a unique price-locked opportunity to save a tremendous amount of time on post-shoot workflow through CULL and EDITS.

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What You Get with UNLIMITED Founder’s Round 2

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The bundle includes several key features, among which are the following:

  •         AI-Powered CULL & EDITS
  •         UNLIMITED images and projects
  •         Automated straightening & cropping
  •         Simple, transparent pricing
  •         Prebuilt AI Profiles (coming soon)
  •         Profile sharing (coming soon)
  •         Local adjustments (coming soon)
  •         + All future app updates on this plan

As Aftershoot CEO Harshit, Dwivedi explains,

“With the high season coming up, many photographers have been asking us to reveal the pricing for EDITS, which is still in Beta. We want to give photographers the opportunity to access this top-tier plan and take advantage of its benefits with this flat, forever fee.”

The Founder’s Round 2 is a limited time offer with seats running out quickly.. Anyone interested can subscribe by clicking here.

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