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Aftershoot Unleashes EDITS, Its Most Powerful AI Photo Editing App

Aftershoot | News | By Stephan Jukic | Last Updated: May 19, 2023

Aftershoot’s newest software package, EDITS, promises an AI-powered editing process that can potentially save photographers thousands of hours on their workflow.

With EDITS, artists, professional commercial photographers and dedicated amateurs can avoid feeling overwhelmed by having to filter and edit their work after taking hundreds of photos.

Aftershoot has already created its widely popular CULL solution for filtering photos. This product lets photographers rapidly scan through hundreds or even thousands of images to find their ideal shots.

Now, with EDITS, the next step in the photo processing workflow becomes just as streamlined.

How does Aftershoot EDITS work?

Using AI analysis and intelligence tools, EDITS rapidly learns your specific editing style and photographic preferences to then apply these automatically for future image edits.

Just for starters, the software tool lets you remove hours of exposure, contrast, white balance and other essential adjustments from huge reams of photos that need tweaking.

EDITS can also handle highlights, shadows, HSL, tone curve, automated cropping, and straightening, among other modifications – all tailored to your distinct editing style.

The software can also move beyond these fundamental edits and learn enough about your preferences to help with complex multi-photo edits that can cut dozens of hours from weekly post-shoot photo editing and hundreds of hours from your yearly workload.

EDITS starts its automated AI-based editing tasks by observing previously edited photos from your Lightroom Catalog and then analyzing their styles and the techniques you used to achieve them.

Then, based on what it incrementally (but rapidly) learns, EDITS starts applying your tendencies in previous edits to an AI Profile.

Edit Thousands of Images in 1 Minute

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As your AI Profile evolves, the software can edit your unprocessed photos at an incredible pace, being capable of precisely processing up to 1,000 images in less than a minute.

A key thing to keep in mind with this process is that your EDITS AI Profile creates an evolving picture of what you like. Thus, it keeps improving as you present it with more of your Lightroom Catalog photos, or as you make further refinements to the edited photos it produces.

Aftershoot states that EDITS needs a minimum of 2,500 images from your Lightroom Catalog to start building your profile and that 5,000 photos are an optimal amount for precise AI automation.

The software can also be fine-tuned as needed if you notice anything about its automated procedures that you don’t like.

This granular functionality lets you step in and redirect the automated editing process whenever you’re not completely happy with the results. It also enables you to modify the software’s previous AI corrections to photos by having EDITS go through them with new parameters.

Create AI Profiles for Every Shooting Style

Another cool aspect of EDITS is that you don’t need to depend on just one AI Profile for all of your creative work. The company understands that some photographers work with different creative styles for different contexts.

Because of this, EDITS allows you to create up to 5 different AI Profiles that can be tailored to a specific style or photo context.

Thus, if one part of your work involves commercial event photography in color, you can have one specific AI Profile train itself for automated editing just on that.

At the same time, another AI Profile can be used to handle purely black & white fine art photography, if that’s your specific thing, or color landscape shots, or whatever else you enjoy doing.

This multi-profile flexibility lets photographers keep their creative styles neatly separated and unique for different kinds of subjects, lighting conditions, scenes, and moods.

The accuracy of the AI Profiles themselves grows better as they observe more of your previous work, and has been seen to reach 90%+ fidelity levels for photographer preferences.

You can add any further refinements to photos if you think they need them, or train your profiles to keep improving further.

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Offline Editing at Its Finest

One other especially convenient (and secure) feature of Aftershoot EDITS is that the software works 100% locally on your device.

It’s available as a fully self-contained desktop app for your Windows or macOS machines, and it also stores your AI Profiles and other editing data locally. You only need to use internet connectivity for periodic updates and for the initial Lightroom Catalog uploads while building your Profiles.

This localized functionality offers the obvious benefit of letting you have AI-powered photo editing even while working in the field, far from any internet connection. It also offers you strong data privacy for your images.

Edit as Much as You Want or Need

With all of the above, Aftershoot EDITS is already pretty hard to beat as a time- and labor-saving photo editing solution. But it offers one more useful benefit by being unlimited.

Unlike certain competing automated photo editing platforms, EDITS doesn’t place capped limits on how many photos you can edit with your subscription.

Instead, fixed monthly or yearly payments let you enjoy uninterrupted workflow automation while you maximize the fun parts of your creative work.

For the time being, Aftershoot is offering EDITS as a free accessory along with its CULL feature in all Aftershoot subscriptions, but it will eventually come with its own standalone monthly or annual fees.

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Try Aftershoot EDITS

Subscribing now to an Aftershoot subscription lets you try EDITS without risk thanks to a free trial period that includes Aftershoot’s CULL feature too. With your EDITS trial, you can access unlimited editing, 5 AI Profiles, and cross-device profile sharing.

The entire software package also works offline and individual AI Profiles can be downloaded to your devices too.

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