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This new update to AI culling will change your life

News | By Jeff Collier | Last Updated: November 28, 2022

AI Photo Culling software FilterPixel has recently become a significant time-saving tool for photographers.

If you are a high-volume photographer, you would have to spend more than 5 hours in front of a computer to cull photos.

FilterPixel helps save more than 80% of your culling time by selecting/ rejecting photos automatically using AI within a few minutes.

What’s new in the update?

FilterPixel offers a plethora of features apart from AI culling, such as Face Views, AI Filters, Survey mode, and Comparison mode, to help photographers compare, organize and cull their photos instantly.

When it comes to the accuracy of all such AI culling software, the AI’s selection of photos starts matching with your choices as you keep using the software- thus making the culling process faster over time.

This was before FilterPixel rolled out the 2.2.2 update and made the learning curve of AI 10x faster with FilterPixel Assist.

Now you can use assist to get accurate selections of photos instantly. Using assist, you can create your own AI models by uploading your previously culled galleries. This will help AI to help understand what kinds of photos you like or dislike within 24 hours.

This is available for all kinds of photographers, so if you are into shooting weddings, wildlife, or landscape photography, you can use Assist to create your own AI assistants that will cull your particular gallery.

How to use FilterPixel Assist? 

Using assist, you can either train the current models (wedding or portrait) according to your preferences or create a separate new model.

This includes all types of photography, such as wildlife, architecture, landscape, etc.

To create a new personalized AI assistant, you need to upload a minimum of 4000 photos on Assist. You can upload it at once or in batches.

The more photos you upload, the better the AI will match your selections.

After uploading selected and unselected photos, it takes less than 24 hours for the model to be created.

You will be notified instantly via email when their assistant is ready, and can use it to cull photos for a similar shoot.

How are wedding photographers using FilterPixel assist? 

According to Vanessa Joy, Canon ambassador, and professional wedding photographer:

This takes away my number 1 complaint with AI Culling systems that- I still have to sit here ultimately in front of my computer and cull things. With FilterPixel assist, now I don’t have to train the AI, as the AI will learn my preferences from my pre-picked photos.

Now you don’t have to wait an entire year to train the AI to match your preferences.

You can upload all your previously culled images and get a personalized assistant ready within a day.


Data privacy and retention policy

FilterPixel is GDPR and CCPA-compliant; the software does not upload any original files to the cloud.

That said, users can disable the AI learnings from the app, which will stop sharing files with the server.

How can you try FilterPixel Assist? 

This feature was launched in September for 50 users and is currently in its second phase.

To join the list, you can go and apply to the “Apply for assist” page after signing up for the free trial of FilterPixel.

Try FilterPixel For Free 

FilterPixel offers a free 14-day trial with all the AI features available for free. You can sign up without any credit card information and use up to 10000 free during the trial. 

After the free trial, you will be shifted to the free plan, which allows manual culling, or you can purchase the Standard or Pro Plan starting from 9.99 USD.

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