Apple’s New 10th Generation 2023 iPads Released, Pack Powerful Features

apple ipad 10th gen feature

Apple has finally followed up with 10th-generation iPad releases months after its early-September iPhone unveiling. The new iPads offer a few surprises of their own.

The interesting features of the iPads apply particularly to Apple’s iPad Pro model, the larger and pricier of the two, which features a new M2 chipset, ProRes video recording and Apple pencil “hover” capability.

Overall, both models offer a package of performance improvements and features that make them particularly excellent tools for photography and video editing professionals.

On the pure performance side, the outstanding new feature of the new iPad is its M2 chip, which includes an 8-core CPU that’s 15% faster than its M1 cousins. On top of this Apple has added a 10-core GPU that works 35% better than the M1 chip’s GPU did.

Combined with this enhanced CPU and GPU experience is a new 16-core Neural Engine processor that can handle a whopping 15.8 trillion operations per second which give it 40% more capability than was possible in the M1. According to Apple, this makes the new iPad Pro models much better devices for tasks that require machine learning.

Other benefits of the new M2  chipset include 100GB/s of unified memory bandwidth with support for 16GB/s of fast unified memory. These two combined basically let the new iPad handle multitasking much better than any previous model of the device could.

A key benefit of the above features is that they make this iPad Pro intensely powerful as a photography and video editing tool because according to Apple, it can support even extremely demanding workflows smoothly.

These workflows could include handling large high-resolution image libraries or rapidly transcoding ProRes footage, which the iPad Pro happens to be capable of shooting with its camera for the first time ever.

The new iPad also comes with WiFi 6E capacity, allowing for incredibly fast download speeds of 2.4GB/s. One other cool but minor feature is what Apple is calling its “next-level” Pencil hover technology. This detects the pencil stylus when it’s 12mm above the display and lets users preview whatever they’re going to do and draw with more precision.

As for the standard iPad, it comes with upgrades of its own that include a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display a new A14 Bionic chip and USB.C.

The new standard iPad also offers improved camera technology (though no ProRes recording) and a resolution of 2,360 x 1,640 for its True Tone-capable display space. It can handle a respectable 500 nits of brightness too.

The A14 chip in the standard iPad gives it a 20% more powerful CPU and a 10% improvement in graphics processing compared to what previous standard iPads could handle. Its machine learning tasks are managed by a 16-core Neural Engine that’s twice as powerful as the A13 in last year’s iPad.

As for the iPad’s camera technology, it comes with a new front-facing camera that’s along the landscape edge of the device and has a 12-megapixel sensor with a 122-degree field of view with Center Stage technology for centering subjects during panning and zoom shots. The back camera of the iPad also comes with 12MP photo shooting while being capable of 4K video recording at 240fps too.

The new iPad Pro is available for ordering now at $799 for the 11-inch model, up to a maximum price of $1,299 for the 12.9-inch edition with WiFi plus cellular technology for cell phone calls. As for the standard iPad edition, it’s selling now for a starting price of $499. All of these 2022/2023 iPads start shipping as of October 26th.


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