Award-Winning Luminar Neo Photo Editing Software Now Includes Generative AI

A woman in a brown dress is walking down the street.

Skylum, the photo editing software innovator behind the Luminar Neo desktop application, has now released its first-ever generative AI tools for the platform.

The new technology has been introduced as a selection of specific tools within the Luminar Neo platform and includes GenErase, GenExpand and GenSwap.

With these AI tools, whose names let you easily guess what each is about, Luminar Neo becomes one of today’s first photo editors to use generative AI technology derived from the highly acclaimed and widely used Stable Diffusion model.

Now, users of Luminar Neo can streamline their photo editing with AI to create precisely modified, beautiful imagery easily by being able to easily remove objects, expand a composition or replace and add visual elements.

GenErase, the first of the three new AI tools, is available on Luminar Neo as of today, and the other two tools will be going live in November and December of this year.

With the new AI technology, Skylum -already a leader in the photo editing space- showcases its skills at “empowering photographers of any level to harness their creativity.”

Skylum’s CEO, Ivan Kutanin, adds,

“As we continue to expand our suite of tools, we’re excited to incorporate generative AI into our software. The new AI features provide photographers with the latest technology to produce visual storytelling beyond their imagination, but not as a substitute to replace their real-life experiences for such an essential art form.”

Luminar Neo Generative AI For Every Visual Need

The three new tools together cover the most essential aspects of modifying and editing photos to create unique and visually stunning compositions.

Here’s a breakdown of what each does:


With GenErase, Skymum has given Luminar Neo a next-generation Erase tool that can both remove distracting flaws in photos and replace them intelligently with content-aware filler.

This lets you clean up their compositions smoothly and professionally while preserving photo integrity.

Through GenErase, users can fill the gaps they create with texture and elements that replicate the surrounding compositions.

The tools make it exceptionally easy to eliminate random light sources, trash, street signs, utility poles, graffiti, people, and pretty much any distracting object.

A man is rowing a boat in a body of water. A man in a boat on a body of water.


As its name suggests, GenExpand lets Luminar Neo users break beyond the bounds of their original photo composition and its aspect ratio by adding a new visual landscape to images.

In practice, you can use GenExpand to extend the boundaries of a photo with generative fill tools that smoothly expand from its original visual elements with perfectly realistic new elements.

For example, with GenExpand, you can expand the sweeping scope of panoramic landscape shots by extending mountain ranges, beautiful ocean views or wide natural landscapes. GenExpand can also expand the space occupied by background elements in close-up shots to better balance specific subjects or objects.


Finally, with GenSwap, Luminar Neo lets you change image composition by replacing objects with something else or adding completely new AI-generated objects in.

Through prompts, users can add objects and elements of all kinds to their existing photos, be they landscape shots, street photos or studio compositions.

With GenSwap, you can transform and rebalance photos with new elements such as trees, animals, stones, windows, buildings and more, or you can remove unsightly elements and replace them with something that fits better.

Two photos of elephants walking down a dirt road.

Luminar Neo’s GenErase is available right now for subscribers to the application, and the other two AI generative tools will be integrated with the software automatically in November and December.

These tools will be available for subscribers to Luminar Neo’s monthly, annual or 2-year Pro, Explore, and Ultimate plans.

If you’re interested in becoming a Luminar Neo subscriber and accessing these revolutionary Stable Diffusion-based generative AI tools for your creative and professional photo editing needs, you can sign up now here.

Unlike certain competing photo editing tools with generative AI technology, Luminar Neo’s new features don’t work on a credit points-based system. This means that once you have access to them, you can use them without limits within your Luminar Neo Subscription.

Luminar Neo is offering special prices for new users starting at $14.95 per month with full access to these generative tools.

Existing Luminar Neo Lifetime license holders can switch over to a Pro annual subscription at a special price of $69 for the first year until October 28, 2023, or they can opt to buy the Creative Journey Pass for $69.

This will give them access to all of Luminar Neo’s new generative tools and any other new feature releases until August 16, 2024.

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