Can We Expect a New Retro-Looking Camera from Nikon in August?

A black camera with a yellow strap on a wooden table.

After multiple fully modern-looking camera releases, Nikon might be going back to a retro design for a new model.

Before its newest and extremely popular series of DSLRs and now mirrorless cameras, Nikon had a long history of creating analog hardware for the photography world.

Later, as analog largely died, Nikon continued to occasionally dabble in vintage-style designs for its digital mirrorless cameras. A recent example of this is the very affordable Zfc, a Z-mount mirrorless camera that combines a 20.9MP CMOS sensor with an overtly retro exterior.

Now rumors are circulating that another retro-looking Nikon camera called the Zf might be in the works for an early-August announcement.

The nikon dx-format camera is shown on a black background.

According to the site Nikon Rumors, these hints pointed to the camera being announced by August 2nd or at least in the first week of August. So far that hasn’t happened, but who knows about next week.

While Nikon Rumors names no concrete source for the rumors of a Zf announcement in this month, it does provide a surprisingly robust list of details about what to expect from the supposedly upcoming camera.

These include the following claimed characteristics:

  • A 45MP sensor similar to that of the Z7II
  • An improved AF from that of Nikon’s Z7II
  • A price tag in the $2,000-$2,500 range
  • One camera bundle with Nikkor Z 400mm f/2 SE lens included
  • Body-only price of $1,999
  • Very similar design to that of Nikon Zfc
  • Single SD memory card slot
  • Small LCD display along the top of the camera for aperture reading

Fully articulating rear LCD screen

Anyone interested in Nikon Z-format mirrorless quality with a wonderfully retro case covering it can of course always go out and buy themselves a Zfc model, but the idea of that same look holding a much larger 45MP sensor and new features is interesting.

Alternatively, buyers have the option of Nikon’s Z7II or the brand’s premium Z8 model, though both are thoroughly modern-looking machines.

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