Canon to Unveil a New APS-C Camera by February 2023

canon mirrorless EOS camera body

According to strong rumors, Canon will kick off the new year with the release of a new mirrorless APS-C model in early February.  

According to the website Canon Rumors, this newest camera in Canon’s lineup will be announced before the major Cp+2023 Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2023 that’s to be held in Japan from the 2nd to the 23 of February.

This same site is claiming that the new cameras will be called the EOS R8. Based on the Canon brand’s usual naming conventions, it’s going to be somewhere between the R7 and the R10 in terms of its specs (and possibly, price).

This means that Canon fans with a hankering for a whole new camera from this brand can look forward to seeing something with a mid-level price, an APS-C sensor and probably some new additional features. The camera will also likely feature a new flip-screen design and general body revamp.

Essentially, Canon, which for years released only DSLR models, has only begun making mirrorless cameras more recently at an accelerated pace.

However, the brand is now replacing its whole APS-C DSRL lineup with these types of cameras. Canon has in fact stopped entirely stopped making new DSLR camera models though the brand continues to manufacture many of its existing DSLR models.

This strongly rumored R8 camera model is one more step in that wider switch-over process to give Canon yet another camera for its growing mirrorless selection in competition with rivals Sony, Fujifilm and Nikon.

Canon’s new mirrorless replacements for its older DSRL APS-C cameras have been quite good and even excellent so far.

These cameras have had to replace the excellent affordability vs. specs balance of their DSLR predecessors and are doing so quite robustly at this point.

Canon’s old DSLR APS-C camera models offered a great selection of models and lens types. They were also remarkably good cameras for a wide range of uses and especially for sports, street, or wildlife photography. Most importantly of all, they were fairly inexpensive.

The brand’s new mirrorless APS-C releases have been delivering good things along these same lines too.

The supposedly (but almost certainly) upcoming R8 will probably have some very promising specs and features built into it when we finally see it unveiled.

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