Canon’s EOS R50/R100 Might Finally Be Arriving in 2023

person holding up a canon camera

Canon is apparently set to finally release its RF-mount R50 APS-C camera in early 2023 as a replacement for its popular M50.

Canon has had a replacement for its M50 mirrorless camera on the drawing board for some time and this has fed more than a few rumors among canon watchers about when it will finally be revealed.

So far, the company still hasn’t revealed anything concrete but the latest rumors from this same mill of previous versions are indicating that the new APS-C model will be emerging in the first quarter of 2023.

Naturally enough, the website Canon Rumors is the one responsible for this latest tidbit and according to the site, there have been indications of an R50 release for the last couple of months.

According to what’s being speculated, the new camera edition will have a form factor and specs that are similar to those of the M50, but with certain improvements.

It’s also possible that the upcoming camera is named the “EOS R100” by Canon instead of being named the R50.

Canon’s existing EOS M50 Mark II has been one of the brand’s best-selling camera models and is considered a milestone in Canon’s own embrace of mirrorless camera technology over the DSLR devices the brand has been known for in recent decades.

As many Canon fans know, the brand has already released numerous well-received mirrorless camera models at usually reasonable prices. These include popular editions such as the R7, the EOS R6 and the exceptionally superb semi-budget EOS R10.

The R10 in particular is Canon’s newest entry-level mirrorless camera and currently sells for a little over $900. The M50, as a simpler mirrorless model, is priced at around $600.

While we can’t be sure of how well-designed the R50 (or however it ends up being named) is, the current M50 it will supposedly replace is one of Canon’s outstanding budget cameras.

The M50 is especially useful as a vlogging camera due to its compact size, versatile specs and generally great video performance. Despite certain superior specs in Canon’s newer RF–mount cameras, the M50 continues to hold its own well.

Whatever the case, one plausible date for its reveal is the upcoming CP+ show that’s slated to happen in Japan on February 2 of next year.

Before the COVID pandemic, this event was a major annual milestone for Japanese technology makers and new announcements by Canon were far from uncommon.

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