Canon’s Precision Alignment Service might be just what you need

canon precision alignment service

Canon’s recent launch of its new Canon Precision Alignment Service might be just the thing to help out many photographers who rely on the brand’s lenses and cameras. It’s aimed at fixing misalignment issues in Canon camera bodies and lens optics.

Among other problems that the Precision Alignment Service hopes to fix for fans of the brand is the common problem of a camera or lens degrading over the years until its focus accuracy worsens.

This applies especially when it comes to fast apertures like f/2.8 and trying to focus on very specific parts of a close subject.

Photo taken with misaligned autofocus before precision alignment

Photo taken after precision alignment
Photo credit: Canon

The Precision Alignment Service lets Canon counter this and other similar problems by having photographers send in their equipment in so that the company can professionally realign it for optimal focus.

According to Canon’s own press release on this, “Through frequent and heavy use of Canon cameras, there can be small shifts in components that may cause slight changes in focus accuracy over time,”

On the Precision Alignment site, Canon also explains, “For reliable, pin-sharp focus, we can match the autofocus (AF) on select Canon lens and camera combinations. Using precision tools and expertise, we will either adjust the camera to match the lens or vice versa to restore optimal focus.”

Jason Fligman, Vice president and general manager of customer support operations for Canon also elaborated recently that “With the Canon Precision Alignment service, we will leverage our precision tools and technical expertise to restore optimal focus between eligible Canon cameras and lenses.”

To obtain these support features, photographers who want their cameras or lenses tuned up will have to send them to a designated mailing address after scheduling an appointment through the Precision Alignment website.

Owners of cameras and lenses can send either or both to Canon for alignment between each other. On the other hand, if a photographer sends in only a lens or camera, Canon can recalibrate either with one of its own test bodies based on the photographer’s specific request for which kind to use.

Customers of the new service can also send in multiple lenses and cameras. So for example, a photographer can mail in two different cameras and their respective lenses, or one camera and three different lenses with a request to check all three with the camera body.

Note that we said customers just above; this is because the new service isn’t free. Instead, Canon applies a service charge for each requested alignment task.

It’s also worth mentioning that for now at least, the Canon Precision Alignment Service is only available to customers in the United States. Prices for the service can vary on the number and complexity of alignment servicing needs.

Photographers who want to try this new Canon service offering for themselves can schedule their own lens/camera tune-up appointments here on Canon’s site.

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