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Canon’s Webcam Software Now Includes $5 Monthly Pro Version

News | By Stephan Jukic | Last Updated: November 10, 2022

Canon has made the announcement that it’s now offering a Pro version of its Webcam Utility package for EOS and Powershot owners who want to use their cameras as webcams. The catch to this is that access will cost $5 per month.

The camera manufacturing brand originally unveiled its EOS Webcam utility for its top-selling EOS lines of cameras in 2020. The software has since then been available for macOS and Windows machines.

Currently, the EOS Webcam Utility software works with 43 different EOS and Powershot camera models as well as with 14 different video conferencing services. This puts it well ahead of most similar products from competing camera makers and other companies.

Here is a list of compatible Canon EOS cameras:

list of Webcam utility compatible EOS cameras

Images credit: Canon

The new Pro updates to the Webcam software can now be unlocked by users for a monthly fee of $4.99 or an annually paid fee of $49.99. Paying either of these subscription options lets a user access numerous additional features.

These include connectivity for multiple cameras, wireless connectivity and other options for “greater camera and content control” in Canon’s own words.

Other features that come with the Pro version are content upscaling to high resolution in Full HD mode and a bump in video frame rates to 60fps. Canon has also included the ability to output Webcam videos across multiple channels at the same time.

The software package is compatible with multiple media and communication apps such as CiscoWebex, Facebook Messenger, Discord, Skype and YouTube Live among others.

According to Canon:

“For vloggers, gamers, news anchors, cooking influencers, and the many others who rely on video, having multiple camera set-ups (like a front, side, and top-down angle) can be the key to providing more detail to the viewer. For live streamers, running multiple channels at the same time can help them reach larger audiences across YouTube, Facebook Live, and other key social and streaming channels,”

Canon has also stated that the Pro software updates let customers improve their overall customization abilities for videos via new layouts, scene transitions and watermark options.

The existing basic EOS Webcam Utility software package is still available for free while the paid subscription Pro version simply adds all of the above-mentioned features to it along with others.

Here is a more complete graph of how the Pro and free versions compare:

list of canon webcam software features

Anyone who wants to subscribe to the Pro version, either by paying monthly or annually, has a 30-day trial period in which to give it a spin. For now, the Pro software will only be available to Canon customers in the United States.

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