CFexpress Type B cards get much cheaper with Pergear’s editions

Pergear 2TB CFexpress cards

Cfexpress (CFE) memory cards are steadily encroaching onto the camera storage landscape with numerous new releases being unveiled by a number of major companies. However, some of them can be a bit pricey.

This is changing over time and Pergear’s latest offerings are an example of the trend in action. The camera accessory maker has announced a set of new CFE Type B cards that sport both solid read/write speeds and high storage capacities while being very reasonably priced.

The new cards come in three categories, which are Lite, Pro and Ultra. All three offer different levels of performance for different needs but they all look promising in several ways.

For starters, the Lite cards are low-speed and low-capacity editions, but extremely cheap for very budget-oriented but reliable storage needs.

As for the Pro and Ultra models, these two offers beefed-up speed, performance and storage capacities but at higher prices that are nonetheless still more affordable than those of most competitors.

For starters, the cheapest Lite CFexpress edition offers a respectable 64GB of storage at a write speed of 90 MB/s and a top read speed of 300 MB/s. Pergear promises explicitly that this card can consistently sustain at least 80 MB/s of read speed.

It’s worth noting that the above speeds are actually pretty good even by premium CFE card standards, and much more so for a low-priced product. Despite this, the 128GB Lite card takes things even further by claiming max read speeds of 1000 MB/s and max write speeds of 250 MB/s that level off at a sustained write speed of 200 MB/s.

The respective prices of these Lite editions? $65 for the 64GB model and $99 for the 128GB edition, which is excellent considering their claimed specs.

Moving onto the Pro cards, they start with a 256GB edition that can handle 1,200 MB/s read speeds and 400 MB/s write speeds that consistently maintain 360 MB/s of performance. Next up is a 512GB Pro card with the same max read capacity but with 700 MB/s write speeds and a promise of sustained 750 MB/s read speed.

The above speeds are good enough that Pergear’s cards should qualify for VPG400 certification from the Compact Flash Association, but it’s worth noting that the logo for this doesn’t appear on them, which might just mean that their maker hasn’t paid for the certification yet.


These Pro cards are priced at $139 and $199 respectively, which again, is pretty reasonable considering their claimed specs.

Finally, we come down to Pergear’s Ultra cards, which come in CFexpress 1TB and 2TB Type B storage capacities. Both of these deliver read and write speeds that max out at 1,600 MB/s and 1,400 MB/s respectively, but can deliver sustained write performance at 1,300 MB/s according to Pergear.

These premium Ultra cards are priced at $399 for the 1TB option and $599 for the 2TB version. This is still pretty affordable by the standards of their competitors, which can cost as much as $750 for just a 1TB edition. All of the above cards are available on the Pergear website.

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