Cosina Reveals Two Lovely New Z-Mount Prime Lenses

Image credit: Cosina Voigtlander

Apparently, it’s the season of lens releases. First, there were Fujifilm’s multiple recent lens announcements, then Tokina revealed a new prime lens for Sony E-Mount APS-C cameras. Now Cosina is showing off its own new hardware. The brand has announced not just one but two new Voigtlander prime lens models for Nikon Z-mount cameras. The first of these is a Nokton 40mm f/1.2 Aspherical edition while the second is a Macro APO-Ultron D35mm f/2 optic.

With these lens models, the total officially licensed for Nikon Z-mounts rises to 6. The releases were first spotted by Nikon Rumors and will reportedly be available as of October. With these additions, the optic models made by Cosina under its Voigtlander brand acquisition consist of:

  • Voigtlander NOKTON D23mm f/1.2
  • Voigtlander NOKTON D 35mm f/1.2
  • Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 50mm f/2
  • Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 35mm f/2
  • Voigtlander NOKTON 40mm f/1.2
  • Voigtlander MACRO APO-ULTRON D 35mm f/2

The lens models in question were already widely rumored among Nikon watchers and fans, but only now have they been made official by Cosina. Pricing details aren’t yet available but their rough October shipping date is confirmed according to the Nikon Rumors site.

The Nokton 40mm f/1.2 Aspherical is described by Cosina as a large-aperture lens with manual focus for full-frame Nikon Z-mounts. It contains eight elements in six groups and among these are two double-sided aspherical elements. It’s a compact model but with a strong optical performance and a wide f/1.2 aperture through a 10-bladed diaphragm that can create smoothly “gentle” bokeh.

The Nokton can be used only with Z-Mount full-frame and APS-C cameras from Nikon with an equivalent 60mm focal length for the cropped sensor APS-C models. It works with in-body image stabilization in these camera models and can also transmit EXIF data through built-in electronic contact points.

As for the Cosina Voigtlander Macro APO-Ultron D35mm f/2 that’s the second of the brand’s two new releases, it’s a compact macro lens for APS-C Z-Mount cameras from Nikon. This lens can also work with Nikon’s full-frame camera models but only after being set to digitally crop and work on the DX format. It can also communicate via electronic contact points with Nikon Z-Mount cameras for EXIF data transfer and image stabilization compatibility.

This macro lens contains an optical system that’s described by Cosina as having 3 abnormal partial-dispersion glass elements within a 9-element, six-group design. Cosina also claims that this glass can provide natural color reproduction without color blurring due to its apochromatic design. It has a very large f/2 wide-open aperture created by a 10-bladed diaphragm despite its very small lens body. This same diaphragm also creates a smooth bokeh effect according to the manufacturer.

Once again, neither of these lenses has a specified price yet but we’re guessing that they’ll cost somewhere around $700.



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