CosmoCap Camera Caps Offer Lost Camera Tracking via AirTags

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Every photographer has to deal with the possibility of having their camera stolen at some random point in time and it can be a serious professional setback. For this scenario, the brand Kuvrd might just have a workable solution.

The premium camera accessory maker Kuvrd has announced what it calls CosmoCaps and Satellites. These new little devices are ordinary-looking camera caps and small silicone sleeves that come with AirTags from Apple built into them.

Kuvrd makes universal lens caps and has done so since it successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to seed its business in 2017, so the new CosmoCaps it has announced should work with most cameras.

The new 2.0 versions of its camera body caps come with a hidden compartment for AirTags and let a photographer track the location of the camera as long as the cap stays in place.

The idea behind this also isn’t anything new; at least one other brand, Volt, already launched something similar earlier in 2022.

In the case of Kuvrd’s caps, what buyers get is a two-part “system” that consists of a CosmoCap body cap and what the brand calls a “Satellite”. The Satellite part is where the AirTag can be hidden.

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Image credits: Kuvrd Kickstarter

According to Kuvrd, this design lets users have a low-profile way of placing the tracking devices on their camera bodies and thus avoiding the much bulkier and more obvious design by Nine Volt.

Another noteworthy detail about CosmoCap caps is that they’re made of machined aluminum that’s been painted matte black. This makes them tougher and more durable than Nine Volt’s plastic universal caps for tracking.

Kuvrd’s CosmoCaps are also designed to work directly with Canon EF/RF cameras and Sony’s E-mount camera bodies. These are both common formats for mirrorless cameras from these brands.

The caps however also come with PL mounts commonly used by filmmakers, making them a practical choice for videographers on the go who don’t want to haul along a lot of different caps for different camera types.

As for the so-called Satellites, these are where Kuvrd’s AirTag compartments go. Basically, these are highly compact silicon containers that have a special adhesive backing that lets users stick them to the interior of a lens cap and remove them as needed. They can be stuck to nearly any surface, making these Satellites the truly versatile tracking aspect of this combo.

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They also have the smallest footprint of any AirTag holding system on the market according to their maker, which makes them particularly discreet.

Kuvrd also claims that the Satellites stick very durably to flat surfaces without “ever falling off”, unless pulled off.

The way in which the two components work together is by letting a user stick the Satellite to the inside of the brand’s specially-designed CosmoCaps so that removing the tracking sleeve requires looking inside the body caps.

Another thing the brand notes is that the Satellites can be stuck to other types of lens body caps too, meaning that they can be bought without the otherwise versatile CosmoCap.

In terms of pricing and availability, Kuvrd is selling its CosmoCaps for a $50 backing donation on Kickstarter, while the Satellites go for $15 per four-pack. Their respective prices will however go up to $80 and $20 soon. Both are available on the company’s Kickstarter page.  

We point out the obvious detail that AirTags aren’t included with these little devices. You need to buy those separately.

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