DJI Adds Adjustable Cine Mode to its Mini 3 Pro Drone

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Owners of DJI’s Mini 3 Pro drone can now enjoy a new firmware update with two features, one of which delivers unique flight speed control.

With firmware update v01.00.0500 DJI has given the Mini 3 Pro new features that offer more than seems obvious at first. What they offer consists of:

  • New Reset All Settings and Clear All Data options, whose details can be found in the DJI Mini 3 Pro User Manual v1.6
  • New adjustments for Gain and Expo Tuning, which include superior control over maximum flight speed, braking and other performance metrics in assorted flight modes

The new updates for resetting all settings and clearing data are useful, but the flight control enhancement features of this firmware update offer even more.

As the website CindeD explains, these settings give users something similar to the super-slow Tripod Mode that older DJI drone models used to have. This setting was later replaced with something called Cine Mode, but this change generated complaints from some users.

Specifically, there were claims that Cine Mode operated too quickly at 5 meters per second. On the other hand, the older Tripod Mode could slow drone flight down to just 1 meter per second for some excellently slow in-flight shots.

This changeover even sparked a petition for DJI to return its older Tripod Mode flight option. Apparently, the company listened, but in a somewhat roundabout way.

One notable critic of the switch from Tripod Mode to Cine Mode was renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom, who stated in his own online complaint,

“Not only did I and countless others rely on this mode to create beautiful cinematic movements like dolly and crane shots, but Tripod Mode also gave me and so many others the confidence to do shots we would never normally attempt as they were too close to objects and even people under our control; having such a slow mode,”

DJI first responded by creating a new version of Cine Mode that was more adjustable. This emerged with the manufacturer’s Mavic 3 Classic UAV in the fall of 2022 and let users reduce their flight speed to just 1 meter per second.

This feature is what’s now available in the latest firmware update mentioned above. The Mini 3 Pro can now do the same thing that the Mavic 3 Classic is capable of with its adjustable Cine Mode.

a couple of planes flying over a beach.

This is pretty cool given the Mini 3 Pro’s compact form factor and considerably lower price. Basically, the smaller, cheaper drone is now better than ever for professional aerial recording work.

DJI is also rumored to be on the verge of releasing a new Inspire 3 drone, which will be the first of its kind since 2016. When we know more about this possible announcement, we’ll be sure to mention it.

Image credits: DJI

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