DJI To Release New, Cheaper Mavic 3 Drone This Week?

Photo credit: DJI

Though it’s not yet fully confirmed, rumors are strongly circulating that DJI will be releasing a whole new Mavic 3 drone edition. Either way, the company is planning a press announcement for November 2.

The rumored new drone model is to be called the Mavic 3 Classic and its supposed launch is set to take place on November 2 at 9 am EDT.

One of the significant clues that it really will be a new Mavic is a camera lens tease already released by none other than DJI itself.

Rumors about a Mavic 3 Drone release have been circulating for a while already and even include specs details that may indeed pan out.

Some of the leakers, such as  WinFuture, @DealsDroneand @JasperEllen have all claimed that the Mavic 3 Classic will lack the telephoto camera that’s installed on the DJI Mavic 3, DJI’s current flagship drone.

If this is true, the Mavic 3 Classic will simply feature a 20MP Micro Four Thirds CMOS sensor and camera for video and photo shooting. It’s worth noting that this is more than enough for 4K video and very crisp still photos even from high altitudes.

Another very interesting rumor about the drone is that, like its more robust cousin the current Mavic 3, the Mavic 3 Classic (or at least its camera) is also being built in collaboration with the prestigious Hasselblad camera company.

Image credit: WinFuture

DJI has previously done something similar to what the above details are indicating. The company originally offered a DJI Mini 2 drone with 4K video and RAW photo premium specs in November of 2020 for $549. The brand then followed this release with that of a cheaper cousin, the DJI Mini SE for just $287 in mid-2021.

This latter, more compact drone lacked the Mini 2’s RAW photo capture and only offered 2.7K video resolution but was nicely priced for users who were happy enough with the more basic features.

If the DJI Mavic 3 Classic follows the same product release pattern, it’s hard to say what specs it will lack from those of the Mavic 3 flagship drone. Still, it might arrive on the market with a smaller internal SSD storage and a lower optical zoom capacity.

The current Mavic 3 offers a 1TB SSD for video and photo storage and its video recording is fitted with recording codecs for Apple Pro Res for more serious aerial video quality. The Mavic 3 Classic could lack these and come with a 10x zoom instead of the Mavic 3’s 28x.

All of these reductions might mean a price that’s as low as $1,300 for the Mavic 3 Classic, compared to the Mavic 3 flagship drone’s $2,050 price tag.

Whatever the case may be, none of the above information has in any way been officially confirmed by DJI yet. It’s all speculative and we’ll know the concrete truth on November 2nd.

However, we’re betting that DJI fans can look forward to a new and more affordable drone option from DJI.

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