DJI’s Osmo Action 4 Compact Camera is Now Here

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Fresh off the release of its new Air 3 drone, DJI has now also announced the introduction of its new Osmo Action 4.

This newest compact action camera from the brand is now available in two combo kits for different needs and budgets.

The first of these is the Standard Combo, and the second is the slightly pricier but more equipped Adventure Combo. Both share a number of accessories while the latter offers unique extras.

DJI has also released a whole pile of compatible tools for the Osmo Action 4 that are sold separately.

Starting with the camera itself, the Osmo Action 4 comes with many of the same technologies already available in DJI’s Osmo Action 3 shooter. However, in the newer action camera, users can take advantage of a larger 1/1.3 CMOS sensor for better image capture during low-light shooting.

It’s also worth noting that the size of this sensor completely kicks ass compared to the smaller sensor in rival GoPro’s latest Hero camera. Though the Osmo Action 4 shoots only 4K video, sensor size matters even more for video quality.

The dji action 4 camera on a white background.

Other enhancements include 10-bit and D-Log M color support for deeper, more realistic colors and better time-lapse performance during day-to-night transitions.

The Osmo Action 4’s battery is designed to be freeze-resistant in low temperatures and the little shooter can record 4K video at up to 120fps.

It also comes with 360-degree HorizonSteady image stabilization technology, dual touchscreens for easier control on the go and an extremely wide 155-degree FOV for its f/2.8 lens.

Another handy feature of the Osmo Action 4 is a vertical video capture mode in the camera’s protective frame. This is in place to make capturing videos and short reels for social media sites like TikTok and Instagram easy and quick.

A person holding a gopro camera with the text magnetic quick release.

There’s even a magnetic quick release for switching between horizontal and vertical formats in an instant.

The Osmo Action is also extremely element-resistant according to DJI. The brand claims that it can perform just fine down to depths of 59 feet or roughly 16 meters underwater right out of the box.

What’s more, this depth expands to a whopping 197 feet or 60 meters with an optional dive case that’s sold separately.

With the Osmo Action 4 Standard Combo, users get an “extreme Battery” for added life between chargers and the above-mentioned Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame that fits around the camera.

The same frame provides several other mounting options and a quick-release adapter mount, curved adhesive base, anti-slip pad and locking screw. A lens hood and a USB-C PD fast charging cable also come included with the Standard Combo.

The Adventure Combo edition of the Osmo Action 4 includes everything that comes with the Standard Combo but with three Extreme Batteries, an extra Mini quick-release adapter mount, two locking screws and a battery charging case thrown in too.

DJI also adds a 4.9-foot Mini Extension Rod for the Adventure Combo for a much more complete package that’s better suited to heavy field use. This rod has a foam-lined grip, a 3-prong receiver and a hand strap hook.

A person riding a bike with a camera attached to the handlebars.

Finally, DJI has released a bunch of accessories that complement the Osmo Action 4 but are sold separately. These include a GPS Bluetooth remote controller, a glass lens cover, an ND filter kit and an adhesive base kit.

For anyone willing to spend more for even better versatility, DJI also offers a bike mount, a hanging neck mount, a surfing tether kit and a backpack strap mount for the Osmo Action 4.

Further options include a 3.5mm audio adapter and a road cycling accessory kit among others available from DJI’s website and other online retailers.

Basically, if you want an action camera that’s decently priced and absolutely covered in practical accessories for all sorts of outdoor scenarios, the Osmo Action 4 is a definite option.

DJI is releasing its Osmo Action 4 camera in its Standard Combo for $399 and in its more robust Adventure Combo for $499. Both are now available for orders.

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