DJI’s RS 3 Mini Delivers Pro Specs in a Compact Frame

photo of dji camera stabilizer

Drone maker DJI recently announced the release of its RS 3 Mini camera stabilizer, which is an expansion on its previous RS3 line of stabilizing gimbals.

Unlike its predecessors however, the RS 3 Mini doesn’t have that word in its name without a good reason; the little stabilizer weighs just 1.7 (795 grams) pounds despite being able to haul a camera/lens combo load of up to 4.4 lbs.

DJI gave the RS3 Mini an “all-in-one” design that is highly compact while at the same time being tough and very portable according to the company.

Its lightweight and small size make this stabilizer stick 40% lighter than its RS 3 predecessor and obviously, the lightness and smaller size translate to much easier hauling around in the field, as well as easier one-handed use.

photo of dji camera stabilizer

Because the RS 3 Mini can still haul plenty of camera weight, it’s more than capable of handling a wide range of modern mirrorless and even DSLR camera/lens combos.

DJI specifically mentions many, including most of Sony’s Alpha camera lineup, several Fujifilm X-Series cameras and much of Canon’s older DSLR and current mirrorless camera lineup.

These are just some among many other camera brands, lenses and models in DJI’s extensive compatibility list, which the company has published on the RS 3 Mini’s website.

Built into the RS 3 Mini is a compact gimbal mechanism that uses DJI’s latest stabilization technology.

This is the brand’s third generation of this tech and DJI has had plenty of time to refine it quite nicely, which is why the exact same technology is also available in DJI’s RS 3 Pro stabilizer. In other words, buyers of the 3 Mini are getting the professional, high-end version of its most crucial feature.

This gimbal provides “outstanding performance” according to DJI. The company claims that it can handle itself smoothly in a whole range of movement scenarios that even include things like running around or holding it aloft from a very low angle.

As DJI states:

“When users are shooting around human subjects, the RS 3 Mini achieves smooth camera movements effortlessly. Users don’t need to pay too much attention to footwork and pace, as the RS 3 Mini can follow people steadily and switch between high and low angles for a more diverse range of shots,”

DJI also claims that the rs 3 Mini’s Dynamic 360-degree-rotation imaging can create superb visuals and “eye-catching shots.”

The RS 3 Mini lets photographers and videographers shoot vertical videos without having to use any further accessories. It achieves this by including a dual-layered quick-release plate that attaches to the stabilizer’s vertical arm.

This format also offers much more leeway by not limiting the gimbal’s rotation angle in ways that are common with most vertical shooting modes.

The RS 3 Mini comes with a new curved placement guide too, which is designed to keep a camera sturdily in place so that it doesn’t get loose or start to rotate out of position.

photo of DJI camera stabilizer

In terms of the RS 3 Mini’s connectivity features, it comes with DJI’s own Wireless Bluetooth Shutter tech, which works with most mainstream camera models and particularly with mirrorless editions.

This wireless tech lets users directly control video and photo recording in their cameras from the 3 Mini’s record button on the gimbal as soon as a camera and the RS 3 Mini are linked.

With Sony cameras in particular, the RS 3 Mini lets users control optical and digital zoom on camera-attached lenses that are supported by Sony cameras. These controls can be manipulated through the 3 Mini’s front dial.

The RS 3 Mini also comes with a 1.4-inch color touchscreen and its M-mode button on the gimbal lets users shift between three custom modes.

The battery power of the RS 3 Mini isn’t too shabby either. Its included battery can handle up to 10 hours of recording on a full charge and can be completely recharged in roughly 2.5 hours.

DJI has also given the RS 3 Mini connectivity with the maker’s Ronin app, which lets users control and handle things like timelapse videos, panorama modes and track recording through their phones.

The RS 3 Mini from DJI is now available at a moderate price of $369.

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