DxO Has Launched PhotoLab 6.3 for improved photo color editing

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The DxO platform has announced the release of its new DxO PhotoLab 6.3 software update, promising “unrivaled color science for the perfect RAW editing workflow.”

According to the platform, the new PhotoLab software update lets users handle many new AI-powered features of professional photo editing. It’s the latest update to DxO’s PhotoLab 6 RAW editing software,

We ourselves previously also reviewed PhotoLab 6 and were impressed by its neatly organized array of RAW image editing features.

The improvements that PhotoLab 6.3 delivers are largely aimed at the Elite edition of PhotoLab 6. They include the ability to simulate ink and paper during soft proofing and to edit TIFFS and JPEG images with the DxO Wide Gamut color space.

wide gamut color for photolab 6

This feature in particular means a much more accurate level of color visualization and printed output control.

DxO’s Wide Gamut working space was first introduced in PhotoLab 6 and encompasses all of the colors that can possibly be reproduced inside an image that’s being edited.

The point of this with DxO Wide Gamut was to ensure that minimal color information is lost during editing. The software’s soft proofing feature lets users ensure that their edited photos include the full richness of the color gamut captured by their cameras and lenses.

DxO claims that its Wide Gamut space robustly and fully encompasses the colors that can be generated by commercial lab printing studios and further argues that this quality makes it superior even to sRGB or Adobe RGB.

photo of photolab color gamut range

The DxO Wide Gamut space editing features in PhotoLab 6.3 can be used not only with RAW images, as was the case in PhotoLab 6, but can also be applied to both TIFF and JPEG files.

This takes photo color enrichment in non-raw photo files to a whole new level that’s not easy to find in other photo color editing software platforms.

Other features that DxO has added or modified in PhotoLab 6.3 include the ability to automatically download many camera lens profiles for lens module selection during editing. Previously, users had to select and download individual profiles one by one.

camera lens profiles for photolab 6 screenshot

Users can now also extend the crop tool in PhotoLab so that it covers an entire image along with its distorted or corrected edges. This should be helpful to many photographers who want to use fill tools for extending their image area.

cropping toiol screenshot for DXO photolab 6

In most ways, however, PhotoLab 6.3 conserves the look, layout and other tools of PhotoLab 6. This lets existing users enjoy the new updates for creating high-end prints and color edits without having to relearn how to navigate the rest of this software.

Existing users of PhotoLab 6 will automatically receive the new PhotoLab 6.3 update for free in their own accounts with the software.

Users who haven’t tried DxO PhotoLab’s powerful suite of RAW image color editing features along with their newly included PhotoLab 6.3 updates for even more precise and diverse color proofing can sign up for a free trial here.

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