Exciting Updates from Aftershoot AI Culling & Editing App 

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Have you been using Aftershoot to speed up your post-shoot workflow?

This highly revered AI culling and editing software has changed the game for photographers all over the world with its impressive time-saving capabilities.

Aftershoot became a staple in the photography industry with its AI culling software, which shaves off hours usually spent on manual image selections.

1,000 images take just 10 minutes to cull and 5 minutes to edit, saving an average of 50 days per year for a photographer.

Following the company’s rebrand in March 2023, Aftershoot revealed a new addition to their product line-up – Aftershoot EDITS.

With EDITS, Aftershoot expanded from speeding up photographers’ image selection workflows to also supercharging their editing processes with intuitive AI that replicates a photographer’s editing style with 90%+ accuracy. It can edit 1,000 images in under a minute!

And now, Aftershoot has revealed even more exciting updates to their app as a whole and to their culling and editing products.

App-wide Aftershoot updates


Aftershoot has made overall algorithm improvements to ensure an even more effective AI culling and editing experience.

The app has been reskinned to complement Aftershoot’s rebrand. It is now sleeker and easier to navigate with improvements to the UI.

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Aftershoot is used and loved by photographers from many different countries. They recognize and embrace this by now supporting Spanish and French languages, both in-app and in email communication.

The company promises to add more languages in the near future.

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Culling Updates

Two exciting new features have been added to Aftershoot CULL:

  1. My Selections
  2. Image Rotation
  3. Bonus update: School Photography

My Selections is Aftershoot’s version of “culling in” and offers photographers more control over the images they get out of culling.

Now, photographers can get their final image selections faster than before by easily selecting the ones they want to keep instead of going through and rejecting images.

They’ve also added a dual-purpose keyboard shortcut (the letter D) to help you quickly add or remove images in My Selections.

This small but notable update cements Aftershoot as our pick of the best picture culling software of the year.

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Image Rotation is an especially handy new feature for photographers who shoot vertically.

Aftershoot relies on the stored rotation flag in RAW images, which would often result in the images being rendered with the incorrect orientation in the app.

Now, photographers can override the orientation flag stored in the camera and correct the orientation directly in Aftershoot.

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Updates to the School Photography genre have been made to classify poses, isolate them, and pick one photo from each pose for every student.

If you have excess poses with similar variations, they’ll go to the warned image filter so that you won’t end up with too many of the same poses in your final selections.

Aftershoot has also added tools to help organize school portrait sessions by recognizing QR codes as selected images. No more searching for information for each student anymore!

Editing Updates

Aftershoot EDITS now includes a search function and supports:

  1. Virtual Copies
  2. Tone Curves

With the addition of a search function, photographers can easily find the collection or folder they would like to edit.

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Aftershoot has recognized that many photographers enjoy using Virtual Copies for creative flexibility and experimentation.

With the implementation of Virtual Copies, photographers are no longer limited to original RAW images for training or editing. Simply enable a checkbox in the filtering screen and start getting creative!

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Lastly, Aftershoot has added support for Tone Curves to improve their past static value adjustments.

Now, photographers can alter tone curves based on their past edits, making the editing experience even more tailored to their unique preferences.

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Update your app to experience the new features

For those who are already using Aftershoot, all you have to do is update your app to enjoy all the new features and improvements.

If you haven’t tried Aftershoot yet, now is the time. They offer a free 30-day trial with AI culling and editing included.

Aftershoot EDITS is free for a limited time, so be sure to try it out while it’s still in the free beta phase. The final pricing will be revealed soon, but the company promises to keep it a flat monthly/yearly fee with unlimited images and projects.

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