FilterPixel Unveils FilterPixel Edits, an AI-Based Photo Editing Plugin

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FilterPixel, renowned to be one of today’s fastest AI culling software systems for photographers, has unveiled FilterPixel Edits for Lightroom Classic.

This “game-changing” tool empowers photographers to revolutionize their editing process, unlocking boundless creativity with a single click according to the platform’s creators.

FilterPixel has long worked at refining its AI culling software as much as possible, offering photographers an efficient solution to automate the task of photo culling.

By intelligently grouping duplicate images and identifying the best shot based on parameters like eye quality, sharpness, emotions, expressions, composition, etc., FilterPixel has arguably also saved photographers countless hours and effort.

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Photo created by Dominic Lemoine Photography & edited by FilterPixel edited in their style

FilterPixel is now taking editing to a new level with “FilterPixel Edits”. This AI editing plugin for Lightroom Classic enables photographers to easily enhance their photos using a range of expert-created public profiles or by training their own personalized editing styles.

How does this work?

Creating a Personalised AI Editing Assistant

According to FilterPixel, users can develop their editing assistant by simply uploading a Lightroom catalog with a minimum of 5,000 edited photos.

Doing this lets a user essentially teach FilterPixel’s AI to achieve desired editing results by learning from the existing photo catalog.

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With each additional edited photo uploaded, the AI becomes increasingly accurate, delivering even more amazing editing outcomes.

Because it’s still undergoing refinement, FilterPixel Edits is currently free to use while in beta.

Using Expert Profiles

Additionally, FilterPixel Edits offers a range of pre-built Expert AI Profiles, meticulously crafted by industry-leading photographers.

These profiles provide users with the opportunity to expand their editing possibilities even if they don’t have a substantial dataset for training the AI.

With the Expert AI Profiles, you can easily achieve stunning results that align with your desired aesthetic and vision.

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What Sets FilterPixel Edits Apart?

FilterPixel Edits stands out from other AI solutions in three significant ways:

Easier Workflow – All Within Lightroom

As FilterPixel Edits is a Lightroom Classic Plugin, photographers can seamlessly integrate it into their existing workflow without the need for additional software installations according to FilterPixel.

This provides a streamlined editing experience, allowing users to stay in their creative zone and not have to leave the familiar Lightroom environment to learn new workflows on an entirely different software interface.

Fastest AI editing Solution

The creators of FilterPixel Edits proudly claim that it’s the fastest AI editing solution of its kind on the market.

After choosing a profile, the plugin can automatically edit with an incredible speed of up to 2,500 photos in 20 minutes.

Users retain the freedom to make any additional changes in the Develop mode inside Lightroom after the AI has completed its task.

An Affordable AI Editing Solution

FilterPixel Edits is positioned as the most affordable AI image editing solution currently available.

To celebrate the launch of the plugin, the company is offering an exclusive lifetime purchase opportunity for the first 100 users.

Getting FilterPixel Lifetime Deal

For a one-time payment of just $499 (No Subscription), photographers can obtain “lifetime” subscription access to AI-powered editing capabilities along with access to FilterPixel’s AI culling software by downloading the free plugin from FilterPixel website and after posting their feedback in FilterPixel Family community on Facebook.

It’s important to note that this is not a yearly subscription but a genuine lifetime offer according to FilterPixel, The company adds that it’s aimed at “providing photographers with tremendous value and peace of mind.”

Also worth noting here is that when it comes to pricing, after the FilterPixel Edits beta is over, it will be priced according to a fixed subscription-based model instead of one that charges per image.

This latter pricing scheme is common among many AI-assisted photo editing packages available today from other software makers.

What About The Data Privacy?

The photos that you upload will only be used to create your personal AI Profile and edit your photos. The photos will always be private and secure.

Using FilterPixel allows you to maintain your GDPR compliance.

Note From The Founder

Aayush Arora, the founder and CEO of FilterPixel also released a public mission statement in which he elaborates on his team’s aims and the software’s potential for photographers:

We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce FilterPixel Edits to the photography community. This cutting-edge AI editing plugin is a game-changer, empowering photographers to elevate their artistry and achieve incredible results effortlessly. We are committed to providing a seamless and powerful solution that revolutionizes the way photographers approach post-processing.”

FilterPixel Edits is currently available in beta, offering photographers a unique opportunity, price-wise, to give this AI editing plugin a spin of their own with minimal risk, before its official release and new pricing scheme.

To secure your spot and take advantage of the company’s limited-time lifetime offer,  you can sign up for the beta version on the FilterPixel Editing website.

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