Fujifilm Improves AI tracking in X-H2S With New Firmware Update

photo of fujifilm x-h2s camera

The otherwise very robust Fujifilm X-H2S APS-C Mirrorless camera has been having minor problems with subject detection and tracking in its AF. Fujifilm has stepped in with an update.

Users of this camera can now pick up the downloadable firmware from Fujifilm’s website and have a quick fix that improves their camera’s artificial intelligence and subject detection for moving subjects.

The update, called firmware update version 3.00, will ensure that subject detection performance is “greatly improved” according to Fujifilm. This will apply particularly in situations that previously caused problems for this little APS-C camera.

Fujifilm and users found that these weak performance contexts included backlit scenes, subjects looking sideways and when the camera has to track small moving objects like animals.

The update also improves overall performance for different subject types in general, including the detection of human faces, random animals such as birds in particular, motorbikes, bikes, planes trains and automobiles.

Another part of this same firmware finessing lets the camera’s subject tracking and AI better detect more exotic subjects like flying drones and insects (though from the POV of an AI-powered sensor, there should be little difference between a drone and a bird.)

The drone and insect tracking however won’t have their own menu settings, unlike many of the other subjects listed above. Instead, drones will be classified under “Airplane” and insects will be classified under “Bird” in the X-H2S camera’s “Subject Detection Setting” menu.

You’d think that the subject tracking and AI in the AF would simply track any moving object better without having to categorize different moving objects so specifically, but such are the vagaries of modern in-camera AI technology.

Fujifilm claims that its firmware update generally improves the X-H2S camera’s motion prediction algorithm and because of this, according to Fuji, the camera now better tracks any object moving rapidly across the frame.

Users who photograph exactly these kinds of subjects should notice better performance right away according to the company.

AF speed has also been beefed up for the camera during continuous shooting while a user presses the AF-ON and shutter release buttons if the camera is slightly out of focus.

Another update from the new firmware is compatibility with the Tripod Grip TG-BT1, which lets users shoot still photos and video via Bluetooth as well as control a power zoom lens through the Grip.

Firmware update version 3.00 also reduces a certain display lag that showed up when AF didn’t work properly if the setting “Performance Boost EVF Frame Rate Priority” was active.

Firmware updates for Fuji’s X-H2 camera and many other devices are also available from the same site as firmware update 3.00.

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