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Fujifilm releases firmware updates for several cameras, here’s what you should know

News | By Stephan Jukic | Last Updated: December 6, 2022

Several of Fujfilm’s most notable cameras have received firmware updates for different issues, bugs, glitches and performance improvements.

These software downloads are now available for some of the brand’s best-selling and best-known cameras such as the X100V, the X-S10 and the X-T4. Further below, we’re going to give you a breakdown of their essentials and how to download each.

All of the updates for Fuji’s cameras are pretty easy and simple to install. You can usually have them working in your camera by copying the software packages into an SD card and installing them into your camera directly.

Fujifilm also offers its own instructions for how to handle your own periodic firmware update process.

It’s worth noting that while these kinds of occasional firmware downloads might seem like a tedious little chore, they’re often very much worth doing simply because many of them do indeed fix real camera bugs that can randomly spoil photographic work in the field.

Another major reason for the firmware updates is to let select Fuji cameras involved be compatible with Fujifilm’s new Fujifilm TG-BT1 tripod grip along with a pair of new lens releases that will be controllable directly through the grip when attached to compatible Fujifilm cameras.

These lens releases by Fujinon are the XF 18-120mmF4 LM PZ WR and XC 15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ. The ability to control them through the tripod grip above makes these models useful for streaming content creation, vlogging and travel video.

Now let’s get down to firmware details per camera model.

photographer holding fujifilm camera in the field

Fujifilm X-T4 update ver. 1.70, Fujifilm X-T3 update ver. 4.50, Fujifilm X-S10 update ver. 2.60

Fujifilm’s firmware for all of the above cameras offers the same improvements that include the following:

  • Compatibility with Fujifilm’s TG-BT1 Tripod Grip, letting you connect both the tripod and one of the above cameras via Bluetooth for switching between stills and video shooting while holding the grip.
  • Using the new Fujifilm grip’s control buttons to adjust the electronic zoom on the XF 18-120mmF4 LM PZ WR and XC 15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ (compatible as of January 2023) mentioned above
  • General minor bugs and performance tweaks

Fujifilm X-T30 update ver. 1.50, Fujfilm X-T30II update ver. 1.20

  • Compatibility with the TG-BT1 Tripod Grip for Bluetooth connectivity that lets you switch between still shooting and video directly through the grip
  • A few other minor bug fixes

The updates for compatibility with Fuji’s tripod grip in these cameras don’t include support for zoom adjustment through the grip. Fujifilm hasn’t said why it didn’t include this.

The firmware updates for the following cameras aren’t specific to Fuji’s new TG-BT1 Tripod Grip.

Fujifilm X100V update ver. 2.13

  • Fixes a firmware bug that caused the battery in this camera to not charge if “USB POWER SUPPLY SETTING” was set to “OFF”.
  • Scattered other small bug fixes

Fujfilm X-Pro3 update ver. 1.33

  • Same firmware bug fix as for the X100V to fix the battery charging issue.
  • Assorted other minor bug fixes.

Fujifilm X-E4 update ver. 1.33

  • Fix for firmware bug that placed transverse lines in RAW format images if camera’s “SHOOTING STAND BY MODE” is set to “ON”.
  • Fix for firmware bug that changed ISO sensitivity after the camera’s power was turned off and on.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Fujifilm GFX50SII update ver. 1.11

Fix for firmware bug that caused RAW photo development to fail if the “CLARITY” setting for RAW photos or for “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO” was at any setting except Zero (0).

Firmware fix for a bug that placed transverse lines in RAW format images if camera’s “SHOOTING STAND BY MODE” is set to “ON”.

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