Fuji Australia’s New, Very Vloggger-friendly X-S20 Camera Announced

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Fujifilm Australia has announced the upcoming release of a new camera that’s particularly designed with vloggers and video creators.

The new shooter, called the X-S20, promises a host of specs that make video creation easy, extremely sharp and highly professional during active field use.

In fact, according to Fujifilm, the compact device will even feature a specifically dedicated vlogging mode, called “Vlog Mode”  in its controls.

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The essential video specs of the new camera include 6.2K/30p shooting, 4K video at 60p, and 1080p HD recording at a whopping 240p. The X-S20 camera will also feature 4:2:2 10bit internal recording inside its compact body.

The X-S20 also includes F-Log2 for video recording at 13+ stops of dynamic range, which make post-production editing easier and more creatively flexible.

Another useful feature of the camera is its ability to output RAW video in 12-bit Apple ProRes RAW if combined with an ATOMOS HDMI device.

Fuji has also given the X-S20 a 3.5mm mic/earphone jack despite the camera’s fairly compact build.

Given Fuji’s focus on the vlogger market with this device, it shouldn’t be surprising that the new camera will also be very compact for easy use in any field or studio setting.

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The X-S20 is also going to offer an extended battery life that lets users extract 730-800 frames from a single charge.

For a bit of perspective, this is roughly twice the one-charge frame range of Fuji’s modestly-priced existing X-S10 vlogging camera.

Another cool and handy aspect of the X-S20 camera will include a wholly new option for an external cooling fan that lets you pursue extended video shooting even at higher resolutions.

Then there’s its new, extended range of tracking modes. These include one for subject detection and another very commercial-recording-friendly product priority mode that lets product promotion creators consistently keep the lens’s focus on a specific object.


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Overall, the X-S20 from Fujifilm offers premium image quality and extremely agile portability, while being remarkably flexible for a variety of shooting styles that range from the casual to the fully professional.

Among these shooting styles in the X-S20 are 19 different Film Simulation modes which include variants for nostalgic film shooting and many others. Users can switch up among them just as if they were shifting among different film types.

To keep things simple for quick quality shooting, the X-S20 also features an AUTO mode, which automatically detects and sets the best combination of settings for different scenes.

This AUTO mode is further beefed up by the camera’s AUTO Subject Detection system, which is especially useful for product filming during both video and still shooting.

This brings us to the X-S20’s photographic chops, which happen to be excellent too, as a couple of sample shots provided by Fuji show:

a beautiful woman laying on top of a sandy beach. a woman standing on top of a beach next to the ocean.

The camera’s 26.1MP back-lit X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor ensures razor-sharp image quality even in low-light situations and typically rich Fuji color performance.

The camera also comes with the brand’s highly respected image processing technology. In the X-S20 it’s the X-Processor 5 engine.

This photographic robustness is further supported by in-body image stabilization with 7 stops,  andAI-based object and subject detection AF technology that’s the same as that of Fuji’s much pricier X-T5 X-Series cameras.

The X-S20 also includes a usefully large physical hand grip for extra shooting stability and is fairly light at just 491 grams (1.08 lbs)

According to Shaun Mah, General Manager for Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices at Fujifilm Australia,

“With the popular rise of content creation, the X-S20 is the tool for content creators to tell their story. It empowers those who want to document travel, social media content and new businesses wanting to have a digital presence whilst using easy-to-use features,”

Mah further summarizes the X-S20 as “content creation made easy,”

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Fujifilm will be releasing the X-S20 vlogging camera as of June 2023 for a suggested retail price of $2,349 for the body alone. A version with a 15-45mm kit lens will also go on sale at the same time for $2,499.

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