Get Lost Lightning: USB-C “Confirmed” for iPhone 15

A white usb cable connected to a black background.

As the expected release date of the iPhone 15 line of phones approaches, leaks are solidifying. The one about USB-C connectivity has been “confirmed”.

The upcoming presence of USB-C in the iPhone is probably going to be one of the single biggest changes to hit these phones in years and many users will welcome it just because it’s so much more practical.

It’s been widely known for a while by now that Apple was planning a switch over to USB-C connections in it iPhones, but the when of the matter has always been vague until now.

With the leaked images of USB-C ports, we still don’t get official confirmation of anything from Apple, but the presence of USB-C is nearly a sure thing given the nature of the images.

Previously, many still thought that iPhone fans might have to see one more year of Lightning connectivity before finally getting what most of them want.

The latest leaked images of the upcoming iPhone clearly show USB-C ports on the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max editions. These were brought to the internet courtesy of Twitter user fix Apple.

While the Twitter -sorry, “X”- account doesn’t have a long track record of leaks, their latest images of iPhone 15 parts seem extremely legitimate.

Having USB-C in the iPhone 15 and its successors will mean lots of practical utility for owners of these sometimes absurdly fashionable phones. For one thing, it means a much broader range of device usability and connectivity.

While Lightning cables are only meant to work with Apple devices, USB-C connectors can be used almost universally. With them, you can charge your Android phones, video game controllers, laptops, tablets, and more with a single cord.

The iPhone 15 models will also be able to connect more universally because of this without the need for special adapters that get sold separately.

One other benefit of USB-C is its much better data transfer speed. While Lightning ports can move files at roughly 480Mbps, USB-C can handle a much heftier 40Gbps.

A person is holding a phone with a charging cable attached to it.

That’s a huge difference for moving hundreds of iPhone photos and videos from phone to a desktop device or other media hardware.

Overall, the upcoming presence of USB-C means only good things for iPhone users, and this applies especially to users who love to use their phones for video and photo creation.

Physically, the upcoming iPhones might look different due to design decisions by Apple –they’re expected to have curved edges, for example- but the presence of USB-C shouldn’t affect their thickness.

For whatever other new tech and camera quirks the iPhone 15 models come with, we’ll know for sure as of mid-September, probably by the 12th or 13th.

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