Is a full-frame version of the Nikon Z fc camera coming?

Nikon Z fc feat

Though it’s still just a rumor, a recently-dropped corporate hint is suggesting the possibility of a full-frame version of Nikon’s popular Z fc camera.

The original Nikon Z fc has been a major success since it first launched. This compact, retro-looking APS-C camera has become very popular with photographers and content creators who wanted powerful digital functionality with a touch of old-fashioned style.

On these qualities, the current Z fc has delivered nicely, but it might just get even better soon.

In a recent interview with the website Phototrend, Keiji Oishi, chief of the UX planning area at Nikon mentioned an interestingly suggestive thing:

“As soon as we launched the Z fc, a lot of people were clamoring for an equivalent with a full-frame sensor. Of course, we can’t go into details about upcoming products, but we hear these requests and we think about the type of product that could fully meet them.”

While a statement like that doesn’t guarantee anything at all, it certainly hints at a very specific new product release.

This has particular weight because for one thing, it comes from a Nikon executive, and secondly because Nikon is well aware of how well a full-frame Z fc edition could sell.

The brand has already done something similar in the past. In 2013 it released its Nikon Df camera, which was a full-frame DSLR with all the exterior aspects of certain older Nikon film cameras like the FM.

photo of Nikon Z fc

The Nikon Z fc APS-C mirrorless digital camera was then in turn inspired by the Nikon Df, showing how the retro look of cameras from the film days has proliferated into newer, more advanced editions. A full-frame version of the Z fc is a pretty logical idea if you keep this pattern in mind.

It’s also worth noting that Fujifilm, a direct rival to Nikon, has made a whole market for itself out of its very popular, retro-looking digital mirrorless cameras of all kinds.

These have been extremely popular and include full-frame models. Nikon has undoubtedly taken note.

Nikon’s current Z fc APS-C camera features a highly compact magnesium alloy build, and comes in both silver-toned and black editions. It also has a neat faux leather body covering that contributes to its old-fashioned appearance.

In terms of specs, the littler camera is no slouch either, sporting a 20.9MP sensor that can handle up to 11 frames per second while also supporting 4K video shooting.

While the APS-C Nikon Z fc is fairly reasonably priced for what it offers, a full-frame version would probably cost a fair bit more due to its considerably larger sensor if nothing else.

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