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Is This What to Expect From DJI’s Upcoming Inspire 3 Drone Camera

News | By Stephan Jukic | Last Updated: September 25, 2022

Rumors about the upcoming DJI Inspire 3 drone are filtering across the internet and making some waves. Their essential details point to a drone that’s going to have some wickedly good specs for both flight and camera capabilities.

It’s worth noting that none of these rumors are absolutely confirmed so far, and they won’t be until the drone’s release in the following weeks or months at the latest. Originally, the Inspire 3 was rumored to have a September 2022 release date but so far this hasn’t happened despite it now being the 25th of that very month.

A “fall release date” could include October and even parts of November, so any of these are possible, though we’re leaning towards October. What we also know is that Inspire 3 prototype models have been spotted in test flights since as early as July, so that a physical model is ready to go for mass consumer production is without a doubt the case.

In any case, moving back to its speculated specs, known DJI information leaker @OsitaLV has posted an image to their Twitter profile that specifies a series of very concrete specs anyone would love to see in a UAV. This leaker is considered by many to be reliable in the DJI drone space, so the specs seem plausible enough.

Image Credit: @OsitaLV

What these supposedly leaked details about the DJI Inspire 3 indicate is the following:

  • 8K 75fps, 6K 100fps, 4K 200fps
  • Super 35 or large format CMOS sensor
  • No crop at any frame rate
  • RAW 12 bit / ProRes 4444XQ / 422HQ
  • New O4 video transmission with dual RC
  • CineCore 3.1
  • Time code sync
  • Omni-directional obstacle avoidance
  • APAS Pro
  • Somatosensory gimbal control
  • Portable video receiver for director
  • Stepless iris adjustment

These are truly awesome features to enjoy in a drone if they’re real. How many of them pan out with the drone’s release is something that we’ll only know for sure once that happens.

OsitaLV also shared a link to a recent Inspire 3 test, which you can see here:

The DJI Inspire 3 drone’s rumored camera is a particular source of interest around this drone since one of any drone’s key qualities is the performance of its own built-in shooting device. In the case of the Inspire 3, rumors are indicating the incredible above-mentioned 8K 75fps, 6K 100fps, and 4K 200fps recording specs.

These specs fit with the possibility of the drone including something similar in specs to DJI’s own stunning Ronin 4D cinematic camera recording system, which would be very impressive indeed. What’s definite is that the Inspire 3 will see a change from the camera system found in the existing Inspire 2. The predecessor drone is aged by now, 6 years since its release, and the same applies to its camera.

We’ll keep you updated with further information as it becomes available.

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