Labpano Launches New, Unique 360-degree PilotPlano Action Camera


Action camera manufacturer Labpano has launched a whole new, uniquely designed 360-degree action camera that happens to be the company’s first-ever consumer market AI compact device for capturing panoramic 360-degree video and photographic shots.

While this is Labpano’s first consumer market camera of this type, the manufacturer has already placed several other pro-user camera models on the market during the last 3 years.

This latest model is called the PilotPlano and it comes packed across the board with powerful video recording specs.

In the PilotPlano, an easy-to-use HD touchscreen offers easy configuration of recording settings while also facilitating video editing. With the touchscreen, users can preview video recordings, frame subjects and make sure that their footage is smoothly filmed in general.

Backing up these editing and camera control options is an Android-based operating system that’s not only highly intuitive to use but also designed to offer controls that are very similar to those of a newer-model Android smartphone.

The PilotPlano is also no slouch in its recording chops. The camera is capable of impressively crisp 5.7K videos shot by multiple ½.3 Sony CMOS sensors. These let a user capture their 360-degree panoramic shots in vibrant color and rich real-time dynamic range.

The camera’s two 210-degree fisheye lenses synchronize with each other to ensure smoothly joined and composed panoramic recordings.

The PilotPlano camera can also let you rapidly switch from panoramic recordings to traditional video, with options for stepping your shooting down from 360° to 90°, 120°, 135° or 150° angle recordings. These make vlogging in multiple styles refreshingly easy on the fly.

To make its panoramic and multi-angle live shooting even easier to handle, the PilotPlano also comes with a real-time stitching option too. This lets you stitch, stabilize and stream live video in 4K at 30fps without having to use third-party apps or devices.

There are also multiple aspect ratio options in the PilotPlano. These include ratios of 9:16, 16:9 and 1:1 among others for multifaceted video blogging effects that are flexible for social media or other kinds of video streaming.

Another handy documentary and vlogging feature of the PilotPlano is its real-time image stabilization:

A 9-axis gyroscopic image stabilization system in the PilotPlano works together with an AI-powered shake compensation system that corrects tremor and jerky movements at all times. This makes for smooth video recordings even under difficult conditions.

The camera’s 360° panoramic qualities don’t end with video recording either. They’re also part of PilotPlano’s audio capture capabilities.

PilotPlano comes with a built-in 4-MIC microphone system that records immersive sound from all directions and then joins it together for a realistic and surprisingly immersive real-time sound experience.

Labpano has also added in a wind-reduction algorithm that lets the camera’s audio maintain a realistically immersive experience while cutting out noise distortions from distracting ambient sounds.

Other features of the PilotPlano include its Real-Time AI Auto-Tracking technology for framing subjects precisely and keeping them in focus during a live stream.

Furthermore, there is a Multiview Mode that lets users capture two entirely different video angles on a single screen during a live stream.

The camera is also compatible with live recording through YouTube, Facebook and other social media apps. It comes with approval for the RTMP/RTSP/SRT live streaming protocol too.

In addition to this, PilotPlano works with VR goggles from Pico and Skyworth VR headsets for immersive Metaverse live streams.

Labpano has a mobile application available for PilotPlano as well. Called the Pilot Go App, it enables further video edits for AI auto-tracking, reframing, beautification and custom filters. This app feature enables rapid, clean sharing on social media platforms.

It’s worth noting here that the AI auto-tracking of the camera app exists on top of the in-camera AI tracking of the PilotPlano, which keeps subjects in focus even during fast-paced movement.

Another cool technology that comes with the PilotPlano is its street view capture capacity, which works off the camera’s precision GPS module to let you track and stream your position in real-time.

This comes in two modes; one for fluid street view recording and another for tracked interval photos in the camera’s native 5.-7K resolution at 7fps.

PilotPlano comes with charge power that’s robustly suited for all of its live video streaming and sharing capabilities. The camera’s 2300mAh swappable battery allows for 100 minutes of constant runtime and can be hooked to an external power supply source for indefinite video recording.

On a final note, Labpano has given the PilotPlano a Pilot OS 6.0 operating system that’s not only familiar to most users who already know how to use Android, but that’s also open to third-party app development through the company’s Pilot Open API ecosystem.

The PilotPlano goes on sale today, November 10th. You can obtain one of your own here.

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