Labpano to Launch New 360-Degree Camera in November

labplano pilotplano

Labpano is going to launch a whole new and rather unique 360-degree camera in mid-November. The upcoming device is Labplano’s first ever consumer-market 360° AI compact camera for shooting full 360-degree panoramic shots of its surroundings. The company has however already released several pro-level cameras during the last 3 years.

This new camera is called the PilotPlano and comes with a large 3.1” HD touchscreen for easy configuration and composition of its internal settings and shooting. This same screen lets users preview their footage, frame subjects and make sure that the video recordings they capture are smoothly composed.

The internal Android operating system of the new camera is also highly intuitive since –being an Android OS- it’s very similar to what many users are already used to handling in their smartphones.

As for the footage that the PilotPano camera can capture, it’s shot in exquisitely sharp 5.7K resolution through multiple 1/2.3 Sony CMOS sensors that deliver vibrant color quality. Two 210-degree fisheye lenses work together in the PilotPano to create a crisp panoramic video that’s vibrant with high-fidelity color and HDR.

According to Labpano, multiple different shooting angles are also possible with the PilotPlano aside from the panoramic view. We’ll cover these in further detail as we find out more.

Another unique feature of the PilotPano is its Street View Capture technology. This operates with a high-precision GPS module that connects to satellite navigation for precise positioning while shooting in one of two modes.

The first of these is Street View Video and the second is Interval Photo. Both let users capture visuals in 5.7K resolution (and at 7fps for the photo mode) for direct upload from the camera.

Labpano has also given PilotPano a new Pilot Open API Ecosystem that’s based on Android and extremely flexible for secondary development features.

Essentially, the Open API Ecosystem lets third-party vendors and individual developers self-develop and install whole new consumer and industry apps for the camera and its functionality. This feature alone makes the PilotPlano very unique among consumer ultra-HD cameras of any kind on the market.

Finally, the PilotPlano features an enhanced battery that promises a prolonged continuous-shooting runtime of up to 100 minutes. This 2300mAh battery can also be combined with an exclusive power supply accessory to keep the camera charged for indefinite shooting during extended recording projects.

Labplano has previously released four different pro-level camera models during the past 3 years, and the PilotPlano is built on this experience and pro performance as their first-ever consumer-market model. It will be released in November.

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