LaCie Launching Tough, Stylish Portable storage drives for Traveling Photographers

portable HD for photography

Photographers of all stripes often have to travel for the sake of their work and could always use convenient storage media. LaCie’s stylish new hard drives offer the perfect solution with a uniquely cool mix of toughness, aesthetics, and enormous storage capacity.  Best of all, they’re an affordable and much safer option than some possible alternatives.

The company has launched the drives in two new ranges, called LaCie Mobile Drive and LaCie Mobile Drive Secure. Both feature a robust and sleek design, major storage capacities and ruggedness for the task of being moved around frequently. This last quality is partly reinforced by a strong aluminum and plastic case that protects both drive models from bumps, weight and the effects of being dropped on the go.

As for their storage capacity, it’s hefty at a maximum of 5 terabytes, which is enough to fit even the largest photo collections accumulated by a prolific photographer. Video editors and videographers should love the drives for their capacity too since 5TB is pretty good for 4K or even 8K video storage.

Other useful specs on the two drive editions include out-of-the-box functionality with PC, Mac or iPad USB-C ports, a one-click automatic backup feature that can save photographers from catastrophic media losses, and reasonably good file transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s.

LaCie also delivers both drive editions with its own proprietary LaCie Toolkit backup software for both scheduled and manual backups. A free one-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan also comes with the deal.

The Mobile Drive Secure edition hard drives are particularly interesting because they offer additional security for photographers who want to protect their work from snooping. These drives come with hardware encryption built into them along with a lock/unlock technology through the above-mentioned LaCie Toolkit software. Both features deliver fairly robust security for anything stored on the drives.

As for their release details and prices, the LaCie Mobile Drive Secure edition storage devices go on sale in September for Apple devices, and become available for Windows as of November. These will retail at $99.99 for the 2TB model, $144.99 for the 4TB edition and $164.99 for the 5TB version.

The Mobile Drive models without encryption and data protection tools will cost the same as their Secure variants but will also include a 1TB model for $74.99.

Overall, these drives offer a fairly good deal thanks to their internal software features and unique external build. For photographers looking for better transfer speeds, there are however much faster SSD mobile drives on the market.

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