Leica and Hodinkee Release 150 Unique Leica Q2 “Ghost” Cameras

photographer holding leica camera

Leica and NYC-based watch-selling website Hodinkee have teamed up again, this time to release a new, specially-themed edition of Leica’s compact Leica Q2 camera.

The extremely limited edition device is being dubbed the Leica Q2 “Ghost” Set by Hodinkee and just the Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Leica itself.

This isn’t the first time that the two companies have worked together either. In 2019, the watch website and Leica worked together to promote a Leica M10-P “Ghost Edition” that Hodinkee sold as limited edition releases.

Leica camera front view

In the case of the duo’s latest camera release, this Q2 edition has been released in an extremely small run of just 150 engraved units worldwide.

All of these are colored with light, essentially “ghostly” tones to evoke the faded bezel look of certain popular dive watches sold by the Hodinkee brand. This is in sharp contrast to the typical black coloring of Leica’s standard Q2 cameras.

The faded near-white coloring of the new camera editions isn’t just about cosmetic value either. To create it, Leica has painted the special edition Ghost cameras’ magnesium alloy frames with a soft grey that’s then wrapped in tonal grey leather specially treated for protection against moisture and dust penetration.

What’s more, the cameras are coated with an anodized silver finish similar to the look of steel casing on a dive watch, which further reinforces the “Ghost” label for these unique editions.

Leica camera top view

Leica has also foregone its iconic red dot logo for all of these cameras. It previously did the same in its Q2 Monochrom and Q2 Reporter camera models.

The thumb grip on these cameras is made of silver aluminum and even their strap is made from a grey woven fabric.

To clearly state that the new camera editions were made in partnership with Hodinkee, Leica is also adding a small engraving that states “GHOST SET BY HODINKEE”, which will be set above the LCD display of the cameras.

Below this LCD screen will be another engraving that clarifies which number by order of production from the 150 editions any given camera is.

Leica camera rear view

These distinct details are designed to clearly delineate these cameras as specific editions of the unique, collectible “Ghost” set.

In terms of their internal specs, these 150 “Ghost” cameras all have the same technology as standard Leica Q2 camera editions. They retail for $5,995 and are sold only through the Hodinkee Shop as of November 15th.

Later, on December 8th, Leica and Hodinkee will release a further 2000 “Ghost” camera units for general retail through Leica’s stores, but without the engraved “GHOST SET BY HODINKEE” label or the numbered 1-150 sequence engravings. These latter editions will also lack the silver aluminum thumb grip and Hodinkee strap.

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