MacOS Ventura and iPadOS 6.1 Updates Finally Arrive

iPadOS 16.1 Feature

The MacOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.1 updates have finally arrived for compatible devices and deliver a large new dose of productivity and multitasking capabilities. Both were announced at the recent major Apple update event.

For both of these software updates, Stage Manager, a major multitasking update, is now available and lets users move inactive work windows off to the side while letting them have active windows front and center.

In iPads, this feature from Stage Manager is only now available for the first time, finally letting people have multiple windows overlapping each other at the same time. It forms an important part of an iPadOS update that skipped from creating an iPadOS 16 straight into a 16.1.

The latest version of the iPad OS also comes with many of the same software updates as those found in iOS 16. These include new features and changes for Mail, Messages, Safari and several other apps.

What’s more, this particular iPad update happens to be arriving on time to coincide with Apple’s recent release of its latest generation of iPad Pro and entry-level models.

Overall, the new updates to the iPad seem to be aimed at making these devices more like replacement devices for laptops than simply tablet complements to a desktop or laptop machine. However, not all of the new software included seems to move in this direction.

A good example is the Freeform notes-taking app, which works as a native alternative to other major note apps like Evernote and GoodNotes 5. It lets users create notes with images, audio files, PDFs, documents and web links or screenshots. It also allows collaboration between users on a single board. With Freeform the iPad definitely works more like a tablet normally would.

Freeform Image credit: Apple

The new Mail update for the iPad is also pretty practical. It lets users schedule messages, detect missing attachments and also offers functionality for reminders and follow-ups. These details are nothing new in other platforms and mail providers, but they’re new arrivals to Mail on the iPad.

Moving back to photo-useful features, the way in which the new iPadOS 16.1 update moves iPads towards being more like laptops, coupled with their superb display technology and color rendering, is turning these devices into ideal ultra-portable photo and video editing tools.

This is something worth noting for photo/video pros and hobbyists who capture their work in places where they need to edit and post it without having easy access to a laptop or desktop-friendly environment

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