Meet Autel’s Incredible EVO Max 4T drone, and its three cameras

UAV drone in flight

Autel has unveiled a rather unique UAV that definitely ups the ante on sheer recording capacity. The EVO Max 4T drone comes packed with three different cameras that all sport something impressive.

Two of these cameras offer high-resolution shooting, one of them offers a 10x optical zoom and the third camera on the drone, not to be left out on cool specs, comes with infrared capability.

The EVO Max 4T is being branded as an ideal option for more than just consumer users. The company behind it is pushing the drone out the door as both a “prosumer” UAV option and a device for serious aerial recording work by businesses and other organizations.

packed down autel drone

Autel is even marketing the drone as a useful option for law enforcement and search and rescue work. In other words, it’s not likely to come affordably priced by most consumer market standards.

Autel summarizes, “The EVO Max 4T has a versatile payload bay that allows for a variety of sensors to be used for a wide range of applications.”

The company also elaborates that,

“Its [the drone’s] Enterprise App is specifically designed to revolutionize the cooperation between drones and pilots. This drone can perform multiple semi-autonomous flight missions, autonomous pathfinding, live streaming, and target acquisition, and also includes various smart accessibility features. Potential applications for the EVO Max 4T include search and rescue, firefighting support, mapping, and inspection.”

Two of the drone’s three cameras will be the only ones that most photographers and videographers would be interested in.

These consist of a primary 50MP wide-angle recording device with a Type 1/1.28 CMOS sensor, and a second 48MP telephoto camera with the above-mentioned 10x optical zoom capacity.

The latter camera also comes with a 160x digital zoom through its Type ½ CMOS sensor technology. The EVO Max 4T can also record 8K video with at least one of these cameras.

As for the third camera with infrared shooting, it only offers a very lean resolution of 640×512 pixels.

However, its purpose of detecting heat signatures among urban or natural elements makes sharpness less important. This camera can range in on targeted areas up to 1.2km (0.62 miles) away.

drone flying through forest

The EVO Max 4T is also semi-autonomous. According to Autel, the drone’s sensor array lets the UAV collect enough rich information about its surroundings to completely avoid blind spots.

This lets it control its own movements safely enough to deeply minimize the risk of mid-air collisions.

Autel also explains that the EVO Max 4T is the only commercial drone on the market right now with both binocular vision systems and radar technology for helping it navigate. These two then integrate into an “Autel Autonomy Engine”

According to Autel, this combination of technologies lets the EVO drone fly even in low light and rain while being able to detect objects as small as 0.5 inches, or 1.27 cm, in diameter. The same technology also lets the drone operate in closed environments where it can’t access the GPS network.

Autel also gave the drone AI recognition technology which lets it automatically detect different kinds of targets and lock onto them. These include heat sources, people and animals in motion or vehicles of different types.

What’s more, according to Autel, the AI tech in the drone lets it use high-altitude tracking and data compilation. Both of these features, among others, are part of the reason why Autel is marketing the drone for rescue and law enforcement uses.

In terms of flight time, the EVO Max 4T is no slouch. Despite all the diverse technology it comes packed with, the drone can fly for as long as 42 minutes up to a service ceiling of 23,000 feet, or 7,000 meters.

drone in flight

The EVO Max 4T is also rated for IP43 weather resilience, can handle wind speeds of up to 43 kph, or 27 miles per hour, and has a live transmission range of 20km, or 12.4 miles for 60fps FHD video.

On a final note regarding specs, Autel claims that it has given the drone A-Mesh 1.0 connectivity. This is the company’s own mesh networking technology for drone-to-drone autonomous communication and collaboration and Autel claims that it’s the first of its kind in the industry.

These are all tall specs for such a compact device, and we’ll see how they live up to practical reality in the field.

Autel is marketing the drone for prosumer and enterprise users, but the emphasis here is definitely on the serious enterprise side of the user market. This likely means that the drone is quite pricey.

Autel won’t disclose pricing information on its website or press materials and in true enterprise-sales fashion asks that interested buyers contact the company for purchasing details.

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