Meet Canon’s New and highly anticipated EOS R8 Mirrorless Camera

photo of canon eos r8 camera

After a whole ton of rumor and speculation about its impending release date, the Canon EOS R8 has finally been announced and is now available for preorder too in a lower-priced body-only edition or as a kit with Canon’s new RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens included.

Canon has revealed the new compact camera as a full-frame mirrorless model that’s designed for amateur photographers and videographers but also has plenty of specs that any professional could enjoy.

Just as previous rumors about this camera model had claimed, it comes with a 24MP sensor and AI-driven subject recognition technology. The EOS R8 also features Dual Pixel AF and the same DIGIC X processor as Canon’s existing R6 Mark II model.

Other features taken from the R6 Mark II include a native ISO of 100-102,400 and the ability to engage its autofocus in just 0.3 seconds thanks to its already-mentioned Dual Pixel CMOS AF II technology.

The EOS R8’s subject recognition AI in its Dual Pixel AF is specifically designed to handle tracking of numerous objects such as the usual faces, eyes, heads, bodies and assorted animals as well as vehicles.

In addition to these subjects, however, the AF also has tracking modes for horses, aircraft and trains among others. What’s more, Canon claims that the AF works well right down to -6.5EV.

Despite these and other similarities to the R6, the R8 is a lighter device with a more compact body and cuts a couple of further details out to justify its very affordable price as a slightly premium entry-level model.

The R8 basically sits between Canons EOS RP and the recently-announced Canon R6 Mark II on features, form and specs.

In terms of its shooting abilities, the EOS R8 is quite robust. It can handle 40fps burst shooting through its electronic shutter while being able to handle a modest but decent 6fps continuous shooting rate. It also delivers 4K video at 60fps.

Interestingly, this particular camera model lacks a mechanical shutter and is instead fully electronic.

photo of canon eos r8 body and sensor

Canon decided not to give the R8 in-body image stabilization, so for photographers who run out to buy one and really want this feature, an image-stabilized lens would be a good idea. Luckily, the kit edition of this camera includes Canon’s RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens, which does have image stabilization.

Other solid specs inside the R8 include focus stacking and the ability to automatically create HDR stacking if the camera is operated with automatic A+ creative mode and subject detection active.

This A+ creative mode in the R8 is a new automated shooting feature that can be turned on by turning the mode dial on the camera to its A+ setting.

Amateur photographers who don’t feel ready for fully manual shooting in which they control all the parameters can activate this to give them advanced shooting assistance across several creative modes.

Controlling the R8 camera in general is also convenient through its flip-out touch-controllable LCD screen. This is decently sized at 3 inches and has a 1.62-million-dot resolution. Users can select AF points, activate touch AF, Touch Shutter, Menu Selection, Quick Control and Magnification along with other features through this screen.

photo of canon eos r8 body LCD


The camera’s EVF is also improved from those of previous lower-priced Canon mirrorless models. It has a 120fps refresh rate and an Optical Viewfinder Assist mode that’s supposed to simulate the feel and look of a viewfinder in an older DSLR camera model.

As a hybrid mirrorless camera, the EOS R8 is geared toward both photographers and vloggers.

 It comes with plenty of video recording specs that include 4K UHD oversampled from 6K in C-Log3 at 60p for up to 30 minutes, uncropped 4K at 30p, and Full HD video for up to two hours at 30fps. It can also shoot Full HD at up to 180fps for slow-motion video.

photo of canon eos r8

Other extra features for video production in the R8 include 10-bit 4:2:2 H.265 HEVC recording, vertical video metadata, movie self-timer mode and audio noise reduction features.

Despite essentially being a slightly reduced R6 Mark II at heart, the new EOS R8 is powerful enough to handle superb shooting even in the hands of users used to more robust cameras. It’s also neatly compact with a weight of just over one pound (461 grams) and dimensions of 5.22 x 3.39 x 2.76 inches (13.25 x 8.61 x 7 centimeters)

Canon is shipping the EOS R8 full-frame mirrorless camera as of April for $1,500 for the body alone and $1,699 as a kit camera with Canon’s interesting new RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens included. Both are no available for preorder.

 It’s worth noting that this lens model also lacks image stabilization, so if you want that feature, you’ll have to spend extra on a non-kit lens.

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