Meet Fujifilm’s Latest Instax Camera, the Mini 12

photo of fujifilm instax mini 12 camera

For those of you who love playing with instant cameras, the Fujifilm Instax lineup has a new member, the Instax Mini 12.

This very compact, brightly colored camera delivers some interesting specs that include parallax correction for close-up shots and auto-exposure adjustments for easy, quick photography.

The Instax Mini 12 was launched just a couple of days ago and is one more of a series of cameras from this Fuji lineup. Its predecessor was the Instax Mini 11, but the new model offers additional features and a new look.

In the case of the Instax Mini 12, users get a compact camera body that’s slightly more rounded and a lens design that’s easier to use than it was in previous models.

These lens updates include a more intuitive design for turning the camera on or off and for activating selfie and close-up modes by turning the lens. On the other hand, all of the features present in the Instax Mini 11 are still available for the Mini 12.

photo of fujifilm instax mini 12 camera

With the Mini 12, users can automatically control flash through a feature that lets them control both flash and exposure in both light and dark scenes.

As for the parallax correction feature of the Instax Mini 12, it works by lining the lens up with the viewfinder during close-up mode, thus reducing object shift during close shooting.

Another interesting feature that Fujifilm has created to accompany the Instax Mini 12 is a smartphone app called “INSTAX UP!”, This software tool is designed to be used with the camera to digitally scan the camera’s photos, store them and share them through a phone’s social media apps.

The app can quickly scan prints created by the Instax Mini 12 and according to Fujifilm, it renders these scans while preserving high fidelity in their digital transfer versions.

Inside the INSTAX UP! app, users can store their prints by category and sort them into easy reference lists. They can also import images from other Instax apps like the Instax Mini Link.

INSTAX UP! also handles easy image sharing through phone messaging apps and social media platforms.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 12 obviously isn’t a serious photographer’s camera by any normal definition of photography. Still, it can be used creatively in all sorts of ways and is a useful tool for quickly creating decent physical photos.

The little camera will start shipping as of March 16th in the U.S. and UK and as of April 6th in the Australian market among others. It’s now selling for preorder at a very modest price of $79.99 USD. It comes in five different colors: Blossom Pink, Clay White, Mint Green, Lilac Purple, and Pastel Blue.

Fujifilm also sells a mini link smartphone printer with 20 included exposure sheets for this camera. It’s available here. 

As for the INSTAX UP! app, it’s available for free from the Apple Store or through Google Play on Android phones.

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