Meet ProGrade’s New, Higher Capacity V60 UHS-II SD Cards

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ProGrade Digital has been busy. First, it unveiled a V90 SD card in May of this year. Then in September, it released a new and very fast CFexpress Type A memory card with great specs for budget-oriented video and photo pros.

Next, the company unveiled two new sizes of CFast cards with the fastest yet transfer speeds for that steadily more obsolete format.

Now, the same brand has introduced a new, higher capacity 512GB V60 UHS-II SD Card. This latest storage limit from ProGrade supposedly offers a maximum read speed of 250MB/s and is certified for a minimum sustained write speed of 60MB/S.

These specs don’t look especially impressive compared to those of many available alternatives, but the new card compensates by being unusually affordable.

Alternative options of the same SD card type are available from brands like Sabrent and OWC, and even offer more storage up to a max of 1TB, but neither quite match the measured speed of the V60 UHS-II SD Card from ProGrade.

This Gold Series card can also achieve burst write speeds of 130MB/s and has been designed to offer a balance between solid performance (particularly for photographers and videographers who don’t need to record in 6K or 8K) and reasonable pricing.

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As ProGrade Digital CEO Wes Brewer explained recently, “The addition of an SD V60, 512GB capacity point into our Gold product line provides a nice option for those shooting large amounts of 4K video at bit rates that don’t demand a V90 performance level,”

He also added, “We see this capacity and performance level providing a great value to less demanding photography and videography needs with a very attractive price point of just under $200.”

At $200 for 312GB of storage and burst write speeds of up to 130MB/s, the 512GB V60 UHS-II SD card seems like a pretty good deal for videographers who want to shoot in 4K resolution. And for photographers, its specs are more than enough for handling a heavy workload.

As a Gold Line card from ProGrade, this new SD card is just a step down from the brand’s Cobalt Line cards to which ProGrade’s recent CFast card releases belong.

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ProGrade Digital claims that its new cards are especially optimal for recording video in 4K UHD, Full HD and motion JPEG.

They also stand by their claim that this Gold line 512GB card is tested and certified to at least deliver 60MB/s of write speed and has been tested to read up to 250MB/s. Their 60MB/s write speed is the only one of these two that’s guaranteed by V60 designation.

As we said, above, the new 512GB card will retail for $199.99. Two other versions with smaller capacities of 128GB and 256GB will also be available for $54.99, $104.99 respectively. They’re not yet available for preorder.

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