Meet TTArtisan’s New AF 27mm f/2.8 XF Lens for Fujifilm X Cameras

TTArtisan 27mm autofocus f2.8 lens feature

Despite being a third-party lens for Fujfilm’s generally excellent X mount cameras, the TTartisan’s 27mm f/2.8 XF optic is not only very lightweight and affordable, but it also takes remarkably good photos.

This is the first autofocus lens for Fuji X-mount cameras that Chinese lens maker TTArtisan has released so far, but despite this, it looks promising in its build.

The very compact Autofocus 27mm f/2.8 XF is a pancake lens and only the second by the company with autofocus capability after years spent building manual focus lenses.

At just 93 grams, the Autofocus 27mm f/2.8 XF is absurdly light and ideal as an unobtrusive, non-obstructing addition to your favorite Fujifilm X-mount camera.

Because of this, it might be especially useful during street photography expeditions and portrait photography sessions. The tiny lens offers an equivalent 41mm full-frame focal length and its angle of view is 56 degrees.

Given the X-mount compatibility of the Autofocus 27mm f/2.8 XF, it’s usable with some of Fujifilm’s best cameras on the market today. These include the superb and highly-acclaimed Fuji X-T4, the X-T200 and the company’s X-S10 among others.

Image credits: TTArtisan

Fujifilm’s Autofocus 27mm f/2.8 XF is built out of 6 elements in 5 groups and contains a 7-blade diaphragm. It also has an STM stepping motor for silent focusing that minimizes shaking. These particular specs make it useful for precision video recording too.

Eye tracking technology in Fujifilm’s X-mount cameras also makes this lens ideal for capturing people, wild animals and pets in motion.

Here are a few sample images from TTArtisan:

Another useful feature of the TTArtisan Autofocus 27mm f/2.8 XF is a clickable aperture ring that lets you adjust the aperture directly through the lens and on the fly instead of fiddling with menu settings on your camera’s screen. There’s also an “A” setting on this ring for automatic aperture changes.

The lens has a minimum focusing distance of 0.35m (1.15 feet) for decently close subject shots and can deliver very fine bokeh when its aperture is set to f/2.8.

There’s also a USB interface along the side of the lens cap for firmware updates. The lens seems to be made of aluminum and feels sturdy despite its lightweight.

Amazon is now selling the TTArtisan Autofocus 27mm f/2.8 XF lens for a very reasonable price of $159.99 and it’s available in black or titanium grey.

While some Fujfilm fans are definitely going to be purists about using the brand’s own Fujinon XF27mmF2.8 R WR equivalent for their photographic work, this particular third-party optic seems to deliver plenty of quality and makes for a very affordable option for beginners on a budget.

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