Meta-Owned “Threads” to Finally Give Users Search for Posts

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Instagram’s new Threads app has been having a bit of a rough go of it since its launch just weeks ago, now they’re improvising fixes.

One of the Twitter-like app’s latest adjustments will be the ability to let users search through others’ old posts based on keywords.

While you might think something like that would be obvious for a social media content-sharing app, apparently Meta either didn’t agree with the sentiment or simply forgot about it.

This is pretty odd too, since their demo for Threads search actually works much like a simplified version of what the same company already has for Instagram.

In any case, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg used his own Threads account to announce the feature for the ailing social platform by saying “Get excited — search is coming to Threads.”

This presumably means it should be going live soon.

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While the current threads search only applies to keyword matches with usernames, the new upcoming Threads search will work by letting you search for specific keywords and then showing you any posts that contain those keywords.

For now, however, this broader search feature in Threads isn’t available to U.S. users of the platform.

Instagram spokesperson Christine Pai told the Verge that Meta is testing it keyword search for Threads in Australia and New Zealand first before moving to other English-speaking countries.

“We are actively listening to the community’s feedback and working on more features to improve the search experience,” according to Pai.

While the app launched with lots of fanfare and a surge in user sign-ups via connected Instagram accounts in July, the app has been bleeding users at a heavy rate more recently.

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Just a few days ago, Meta also announced that Threads would be available as a web interface too whereas it was previously accessible only in phones. This move seems to have been done as a competitive gesture against Twitter (now “X”), Thread’s closest rival.

If you’re a photographer looking for a new way to promote your work, we can’t be sure yet how far Threads develops or how popular it gets. Its recent troubles might just be growing pains that sort themselves out.

For the time being, if you already use Instagram to promote your work, it probably wouldn’t hurt to also open up your own Threads account and give it a spin while it’s still developing.

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