Mylio Photos Image Management Platform to Launch Free Version

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The photo management software platform Mylio Photos is going to launch as a partially free app for users, but with premium features.

Mylio Photos, which we’ve previously covered here on multiple facets, offers a complete and rather robust photo management solution for both professional and amateur users.

The downloadable Mylio software is available for both smartphones and desktop/laptop devices.

Among its many convenient abilities are features for collecting, organizing, tagging, editing, browsing and sharing media files. These include photos, videos or even documents.

We’ve previously reviewed Mylio Photos and considered it to honestly be an excellent choice for users who want a very agile, efficient way to sort and select their photos for editing or sharing across devices quickly and easily.

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Another cool thing about the app is that it’s cloud-independent, meaning that it lets users manage their media from inside their own devices with full privacy protection.

The platform is also very efficient in its search and organizing tools. Indeed this image sorting and organization aspect is probably the single most attractive part of Mylio’s software for both pros and regular home media users.

With that in mind, Mylio Photos’ newly launched free version will offer many of the app’s search and management features for photos and videos.

Among the specific technologies offered by Mylio Photos is its AI SmartTag system.

SmartTag is capable of recognizing over 1000 different activities qualities and objects that it then tags based on their characteristics. This alone makes organizing photos with the app a much easier task.

A further cool aspect of SmartTag is that its AI features work without cloud-based data transfer, meaning that they strongly preserve user privacy while being especially fast.

Mylio Photos also offers collection and consolidation features that let the app gather together images from a wide range of different online and offline sources.

You as a user can add and sort these images through what are called Linked Folders. What’s more, Mylio automatically removes equally-sized duplicate files.

 This collation and collection feature works with social media image archives, photo archive websites like Flickr and Google, or from device memory cards of all kinds.

The platform also offers Photo DeClutter and DeDupe tools that let users rapidly find similar images based on their size, shooting time and location. They can then identify the shots they don’t want and mark them for easy deletion.

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Other features of Mylio Photos include QuickFilters, which lets users find specific images and image types based on details from their metadata.

With this photos can be sorted by lens users, specific dates, locations and file types. Other AI technologies in Mylio Photos, like its optical character recognition (OCR) component even let users locate specific text of nearly any kind in photos.

 AI SmartTags also combine with QuickFilters to make finding specific images of all kinds exceptionally easy.

As we mentioned above, Mylio Photos also lets users quickly transfer compact versions of photo files between devices without relying on cloud services of any kind.

This feature operates very smoothly, quickly and with minimal processing power. It also lets you quickly send shareable versions of your favorite images from a desktop or laptop to other devices like your phone.

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The catch with Mylio Photos and its free version is that, as we noted, not all of the features of the platform are part of the free edition. Mylio Photos itself wrote a blog post with many more details here.

Specifically, users who want to enjoy the connectivity, data backup and remote library access features of the platform should sign up for the Mylio Photos+ platform plan for a single annual fee of $99.

On the other hand, the software’s photo organization and sorting features do come with the free version.

You can give Mylio Photos a spin for yourself through its subscription and download page.

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