Narrative Now Launching its Powerful Select Software for Windows

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The fastest growing photo selection tool is about to get even bigger. In an interview with, the founder of AI Narrative Select revealed the launch of its AI culling tool for Windows.

According to James Broadbent, “We built Select for Mac so that we could focus our resources on perfecting the product itself. Building Select involved the challenge of creating a whole new way for photographers to perform image selection.”

The Narrative founder then elaborated that due to the growing popularity of the Select Software in its Mac version, his team wanted to create a version that makes it available to many more photographers:

“Select is now the fastest-growing AI culling tool and processes over a billion images per year. Our users love it, and we’re thrilled to bring the product to all photographers now.”

The task of developing and refining the Windows version of Select wasn’t minor either. As Broadbent explained:

“Building Select involved the challenge of creating a whole new way for photographers to perform image selection. We had to develop a new UI, called scenes view, which allows photographers to streamline their workflow with AI while maintaining creative control. It was an iterative process”

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The Narrative team’s dedication and hard work should pay off for photographers, however. The features that so many existing users of Select love with Mac are now going to be equally available for Windows.

Select is essentially an AI-powered photo culling software that lets a photographer intelligently automate their photo selection and filtering workflow with the help of artificial intelligence.

Simultaneously, photographers using Select maintain complete creative control over the process to ensure there are no mistakes.

The core features of Select make this easy to do. As Broadbent explains in his interview with Shotkit, these functions include:

  1. Scenes View rank ordering: This feature of Select reorders images from a particular scene so that the shots it considers best are placed first. Consequently, photographers can minimize their work at finding their best images. The AI also makes it easy to search through lower-ranked photos in case a user wants to find uniquely taken shots.
  2. Extremely Fast Performance: The Narrative team has built Select up pretty much from scratch for absolutely maximal performance speed. This lets it handle tasks like mass image imports in just a few seconds. Users can also navigate between hundreds of photos in a shoot with almost no processing delay.
  3. Technology for precisely identifying good shots: Users of Select for Windows (or Mac) can rest easy seeing how the software’s face assessment metrics display subject eye status or focus quality on faces through warning indicators.

Select’s internal features also include a closeups panel that lets a user check with just a glance how crisply faces are showing, without having to bother with zooming or panning.

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James Broadbent also stresses that AI doesn’t have to be the enemy of photographers moving forward into 2023 and beyond. Instead, he believes that it can be harnessed as an extremely powerful tool for assisting human creative work instead of eclipsing it.

Instead of automated and generic AI outputs, tools like Select can let photographers make their workflow simpler while helping them deliver their very best work with their own distinct human qualities.

As Broadbent states,

“AI is seen as a threat across many industries, and photographers share in the fear of this constant and evolving change. At Narrative, we hold a core philosophy that emphasizes the vital role of photographers in the creative process of photography.”

He underscores that the fundamental qualities of consciousness, emotional context, and lived experience are things that no AI can replace in the artistic process.

Narrative’s Select tool for Windows and Mac specifically represents a demonstration of the above. It unleashes the power of AI so that it can help reveal the best of the human creations it’s being applied to.

Select is now available for Windows users in both a Free tier and a Pro version that includes additional features.

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